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Bicycle race will bring good exposure to city

The Decatur-Morgan County Convention and Visitors Bureau scored big in bringing bicycle racing to the city in May.

Bicycle racing is a colorful high-energy sport that will have people filling the old part of town like few events have done in recent decades.

The bureau also announced four fishing tournaments for 2008, with the possibility of more. Thatís in addition to four events this year.

The fishing tournaments bring in more money but by the nature of the event they can only draw crowds at weigh-in time. But not bicycling; look for the cityís streets to be lined with spectators.

The May 6 event will take place on Sunday afternoon when the downtown is usually empty. The one-hour race will use Second Avenue, Johnston Street, First Avenue and Lee Street as its course.

Imagine 300 to 400 professional cyclists circling the area for an hour! Imagine the traffic congestion as riders jockey for position to win a share of the $10,000 prize money.

Imagine local cyclists getting the opportunity to ride side-by-side with professionals in a charity ride.

Decatur will be the final leg of eight days of competition in a nine-day period that takes bikers to Georgia, North Carolina and Anniston.

The event, like the fishing tournaments, will be a plus for the city and county.

Good job, guys.

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