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New two-year college policy could be tougher

In adopting a new policy to help clean up the nepotism mess in the two-year college system, board members last week seemed duly concerned about fairness.

It wouldnít be right, some said, to deny a person employment or promotion in the system because their relative is either a board member, the chancellor, vice chancellor or a college president.

Full disclosure became part of the remedy for the abuse thatís apparently been rampant for some years. Applicants will now have to disclose kinship to other employees in the system.

The strongest wording prevents relatives of the chancellor, vice chancellors or board members from being hired or appointed a college president or to other equivalent top management position in the system. Neither may they bring pressure to hire a relative within the system.

Two members of the Alabama Board of Education wanted a total ban on hiring relatives, but that motion failed because of concern about losing qualified people.

The policy appears to be a move in the right direction even though acting Chancellor Thomas Corts said he favored a stronger one.

Itís out of the question, of course, but if any of the board members, chancellors or presidents felt strongly that a relative deserved a job, they could always resign their own positions.

That would stop any wiggle room the new policy allows.

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