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Walter Reed hospital conditions deplorable; troops deserve better

What The Washington Post uncovered about conditions in one of the nationís premier military hospitals shows the Republican leadershipís hypocrisy of putting the troops first.

The Post, the liberal rag that conservatives say canít be relied on to tell the truth, uncovered the Bush administrationís big lie about supporting the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Walter Reed Army Medical Center in the nationís capital is substandard. The popular CBS program ď60 MinutesĒ a week ago showed leaky roofs, mold on ceilings, bad plumbing and crumbling walls.

It doesnít require imagination to know why Walter Reed issues mouse traps to patients in Building 18, the place soldiers go for rehabilitation.

What the administration apparently means about supporting the troops is to provide funds to send them into battle but skimp in caring for the injured and crippled ones.

Ironically, the Democrats, who the president says want to ďcut and run,Ē are offering legislation to clean up the conditions at military hospitals, including better treatment of soldiers being treated as outpatients.

Itís time to stop the garbage that people wanting to end the war are not supporting the troops. The White House and the Pentagon had to have known about the conditions at Walter Reed and didnít move to correction them.

Thatís not supporting the troops.

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