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Glasscock can end e-mail controversy

Morgan County Commission Chairman John Glasscock, who acknowledges he doesn't make a move without consulting county attorney Bill Shinn, may have finally hit on a way to resolve the on-going e-mail controversy.

Under pressure from Sheriff Greg Bartlett about the possibility of e-mails vanishing from the county server, Mr. Glasscock called for an immediate investigation, "if there seems to be something criminally wrong."

"We'll call the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and the FBI," he said.

THE DAILY became interested in e-mails passing through county computers after someone blew the whistle on Mr. Glasscock and his e-mailing and receiving pictures of a sexual nature.

This mess has been going on since October, when Chairman Glasscock stopped employees from using their county computers to participate in a popular on-line chat room.

After that, Mr. Glasscock's e-mails surfaced on a Huntsville television news program.

The County Commission, on a tie vote that Chairman Glasscock broke Feb. 13, enacted a cumbersome policy on public access to computer records. The same vote put elected officials in charge of their records, with Mr. Glasscock giving up the traditional control of the commission office to maintain them.

The public is tired of what appears to be a whitewash or cover-up of something. Perhaps it is a whitewash of nothing.

That's the issue. The public is entitled to know the truth.

That is a second good reason for Mr. Glasscock to call in outside unbiased experts to determine if someone purged computers and if so, why?

But before Mr. Glasscock does that, to be sure, he will check with Mr. Shinn for guidance.

Hopefully, the county attorney will advise Mr. Glasscock that it is time to end this charade and call in the state and feds. This thing needs to end.

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