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Billsí passage would eliminate welcome sign

The package of legislative bills aimed at curbing illegal immigrants from staying in Alabama has merit because the proposals deal with government agencies.

The bills would prevent the state from enabling illegal immigrants to make a living. In theory, they would then move on.

Three of the bills Rep. Micky Hammon, R-Decatur, is sponsoring in Montgomery are from Gov. Bob Riley's re-election platform. The package contains seven bills, with only one aimed at companies that hire illegal workers.

All of the bills aim directly at people's pocket books.

One would deny state economic incentives to companies that hire illegal workers. Presumably, the state would withdraw tax abatements after a certain number of violations.

If the state is trying to curb illegal immigration it makes sense officials would deny professional or commercial licenses to illegal immigrants. One bill would require applicants to prove legal status before going into business.

The bills that would really turn up the heat on illegal immigrants have to do with impounding their vehicles.

They would have to show a valid driver license, vehicle insurance or proof of legal entry into the U.S. to keep their vehicles.

Another bill would cause illegal immigrants stopped for traffic violations to forfeit property.

Other bills have to do with medical services for adults and registering to vote.

The bills are harsh, but needed, and will make life here more difficult for those who cross the border illegally.

Perhaps passage of the bills won't curb illegal immigration, but it will take down the welcome sign that says, "Y'all come."

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