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MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2007


First Republican president kept things in perspective

Republicans who value personal morality are troubled that their leading candidates for president donít have exemplary personal lives. Rudolph Giuliani, John McCain, and prospective candidate Newt Gingrich all have had multiple marriages. Mitt Romney, married 38 years to the same woman, is running low in the polls.

It appears that most GOP voters are looking beyond personal, private issues and giving priority to how these men stand on public issues and how well they would govern.

A story about Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, comes to mind. We canít say that itís true, but itís consistent with Mr. Lincolnís pragmatism and humor.

While Gen. Ulysses S. Grant was winning Civil War battles for the United States, someone complained to President Lincoln that Gen. Grant was a drunk.

Mr. Lincolnís response was something like this: ďFind out what brand of whiskey Grant drinks, because I want to send a barrel of it to each one of my generals.Ē

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