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Nancy Worley finally sees her record shattered

Arrogance is the best way to describe why former Secretary of State Nancy Worley finds herself in yet another controversy.

The former Decatur High School teacher apparently misrepresented her status and that of a desk she carried for refurbishing to the Deatsville campus of J.F. Ingram Technical College last month.

She claimed she is a public employee, which she is not. Then she certified that the items for refurbishing belonged to her and that they would stay on her premises. Only the bench belonged to her and both items are for her office at the state Democratic Party headquarters in Montgomery, where she is now vice chairman.

The desk belongs to the Democratic Party, which apparently had no part in the deception.

She is to pay a total of $226.14 for the work, 75 percent of which came as a deposit. Maybe she felt the students needed the items to practice on, or that they do superior work and that justified asking the college to do the work, regardless of the rules.

She's already under indictment for allegedly using her secretary of state office to solicit political contributions in her failed re-election campaign last year. For some time before she left office, she was in a legal spat with the governor's office, local voter registrars and the federal government over putting in a statewide voter database.

The indictment says she used her position as secretary of state to seek campaign funds or assistance from five of her employees. It includes five felony and five misdemeanor counts.

In answering the charges, Ms. Worley cited her decades as a public school teacher, community leader and public servant. During that time, she said, "no one has ever questioned my integrity or commitment to the law."

Her record is no longer intact.

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