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Neglecting reflecting pool dishonors some veterans

The reflecting pool on the north side of the Morgan County Courthouse obviously hasn't been a priority item for the Morgan County Commission for some time. If it were, it wouldn't be in its present state of disrepair.

A good old South Alabama saying talks about people getting busy "stirring their stumps," meaning they need to get off their backsides and take action.

Now that it's been called to their attention after being drained for more than three years, commissioners and Chairman John Glasscock appear ready to stir some stumps. Interest in repairing the pool in Cotaco Square came after news that the county is about to install a donated fountain somewhere in the vicinity of the new jail.

It makes no sense to build a fountain when the county won't keep up the reflecting pool, which needs work to stop leaks.

Allowing the pool to sit empty for so long is simply inattention to detail. It's also a sign of insensitivity to the men and women who fought in some of the nation's wars.

Plaques on the pond wall carry the names of county war dead from the nation's wars except the Civil War and World War II. Those wars have separate memorials.

There are few people left to speak for the soldiers who fought in World War I; and many people unfortunately choose to forget the unpopular Korean and Vietnam wars. Soldiers of those wars answered the call to preserve freedom, too. They fought for their country. It's a shame that the reflecting pool that honors them is in its fourth year of disrepair.

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