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Megasite makes Limestone prime, Hartselle a must

The TVA Megasite in Limestone County a mile north of the Decatur city limit makes pushing ahead with a second industrial park in Morgan County a must.

Formally announced Monday, the 2,010-acre megasite has access for infrastructure which makes it ready for a large industry.

TVA gives megasites site preference in recruiting industry, which in this case is thought to be ideal for an automobile assembly plant.

The land is under option from the owners and accessible, which saves months and maybe years in getting a plant located. Those conditions, in part, make it a megasite.

Morgan County's success with Mallard Fox Creek Industrial Park made that location popular for large industries. Now, the Morgan County Economic Development Association wants to build one along Interstate 65 in the Hartselle/Falkville vicinity.

Doing so will require time because of the nearly 300 landowners involved and the countywide cooperation needed to finance the park.

Just as all municipalities and the county contributed to Mallard Fox, they should help with the new park. But the emphasis in this case shifts from Decatur to Hartselle because of the site's proximity to the south Morgan County city.

One debate is whether Decatur should participate as heavily as it did in Mallard Fox Creek, which is on its western border. With the EDA, Hartselle should take the lead just as Decatur did with EDA in developing Mallard Fox.

The county needs to get the park ready for industries, some of which may serve whatever plant lands on the Limestone Megasite.

And something will land there.

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