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FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2007


George's recent e-mail attacks on Glasscock serve no good purpose

Morgan County needs another personnel director and that person doesn't need more than one boss.

District 4 Commissioner Stacy George used the discussion of hiring a replacement for Jack Underwood this week to again tongue-lash Chairman John Glasscock over the e-mail scandal in which he was involved.

That incident not only embarrassed Mr. Glasscock but probably did irreparable damage to his political career. He's most likely a one-term chairman.

Unlike other officeholders, Mr. Glasscock didn't attempt to block the public from knowing about his e-mails, and he continues to maintain they are open for public inspection.

The County Commission fired Mr. Underwood after objectionable e-mail between him and Mr. Glasscock surfaced, thus the need to seek a replacement.

No, the new person doesn't need to answer to the county commissioners, as one suggested. And there is no need to exclude Mr. Glasscock from being part of the committee that makes the selection.

Mr. George lost a political struggle in which he was right, but he's wrong to continue to harangue the chairman. Mr. George can be a government watchdog without continuing to pick at old wounds. County government should not be embroiled in constant controversy, and will not be if each member does his job correctly and shows proper respect for the others.

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