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ABI woefully behind in today's technology

The FBI concluded that the e-mail scandal at Morgan County Courthouse is "a purely ethics issue."

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation said it didn't have the expertise to get to the bottom of all of the missing e-mail.

Thus, their decisions brings an end to any official investigation of the e-mail system for more possible abuse than that attributed to Morgan County Commission Chairman John Glasscock and fired Human Resources Director Jack Underwood.

Chairman Glasscock had written both agencies a vague letter that asked for "expert assistance as there appears to have been e-mail irregularities on the county computer system."

Neither agency appeared to want to be involved in the courthouse mess. That's not difficult to understand.

In declining to investigate, the FBI had the most candid assessment, in calling it an ethical issue.

The ABI, however, admitted to a huge gap in the state's law enforcement capabilities. A spokeswoman said the ABI does not have the expertise to conduct an investigation.

With the state being big on investing Homeland Security funds into ways to stop terrorists from plotting on the Internet, you might think computer expertise would be a priority. Apparently it isn't, or the ABI made a political decision.

It is difficult to believe the state doesn't have the ability to be ringmaster in our three-ring e-mail circus.

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