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Police should keep record of towed cars


I would like to express my thoughts to the Decatur Police Department not logging the towing of cars.

Here's a synopsis of my story: On Jan. 27, my car broke down on Gordon Drive near Delano Park. I had two of my grandchildren with me. I took them with me and went to try to phone my husband.

When I got back to where I'd left the car, it was gone. I was taken to the police department to see if they'd had it towed. I was told, "No, check with county or the state troopers." They said they had not had it towed.

I was picked up about 2:30 p.m. and finally located my car about 7:30 p.m. at River City Towing. The city had ordered it towed, and had not logged it.

I told everyone I came in contact with that weekend about my ordeal. Almost everyone I spoke with knew someone with a similar story to tell.

I just wanted to relate my story and say that surely the Police Department can do better than this.

It's stressful enough to have car trouble, much less not knowing where your car is.

Bonnie Burnett


Owner of stolen car searches for justice


Last week, my car was stolen from my driveway. Two days later I received a call that my car had been found in Michigan.

Well, at first I was happy. Then, I found out that I am responsible for going to get it. OK — we are talking about an airline ticket for about $120, one way. Then, there's the impounding fee for where my car is being held. By the time I can get off work and go, it will cost me about $300 to have my car released.

What has happened to victims' rights? I did not ask for my car to be stolen. It was locked up in my driveway. So why do I feel like the bad person? I already feel violated that someone came to my house and did this. I can't even bring charges against the youths who did this. They will not extradite juveniles back to Alabama. If I don't go get my car (whether it is in driving condition or not), the place that has my car will take me to small claims court to get their money.

I raised two sons by myself and money was always tight. I always drove cars that were not in good condition. When I finally got a decent car (with my sons' help), it was stolen and I feel like I'm the one being punished, instead of the ones who took it.

Where is the justice?

Sandra Pennington


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