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Another opinion on Schiavo case

So you think U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay and Sen. Bill Frist should apologize for trying to save a life (editorial, June 17)? You appear to be jubilant that her death proved your point — that Michael Schiavo was right to have her killed. Your outrage at people who honestly differ from your viewpoint is small and silly.

You wax poetic at their meddling "... in the most sacred of relationships ..." Excuse me, wasn't Schiavo happily ensconced in an adulterous relationship, also fathering children out of wedlock? You have a strange view of a "sacred" relationship.

But, why the selective demands for apology? If you want an apology, why look any farther than Sen. Richard Durbin. So our troops are compared to Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot. Just who does the senator think is conducting the interrogations and guarding these murderers at Gitmo? Significantly, Sen. Durbin was not simply expressing a free speech opinion; he was delivering a prepared speech on the floor of the Senate. What do you call a person who gives aid and comfort to the enemy? Al Jazeera was effusive in its praise of Sen. Arnold — er, Durbin. You haven't even reported it, to my knowledge — preferring instead to devote an entire page to AP articles whose theme is to undermine support for the war.

Franklin Johnson


Development in right location

Congratulations are in order to the mayor and City Council for their leadership and hard work in negotiating the deal to attract Tricore Partners and the Target shopping complex to Decatur at the U.S. 31 and Alabama 67 site.

Mayor Don Kyle deserves special recognition for his leadership in developing an innovative approach to the agreement with the developer for the required protections to the city, and the attraction of the shopping center to a commercial site rather than the destruction of Wilson Morgan Park to achieve the desired result.

The support of Council President Billy Jackson and Councilmen David Bolding, Gary Hammon, Ray Metzger and Ronny Russell to this approach for this development, and the proposed expansion and enhancement of Colonial Mall, should provide Decatur schools and city government with desired additional revenue, the citizens of our city with enhanced shopping and dining opportunities, and stop the leak of retail sales to other cities — all without placing our parks and recreational facilities at risk.

With these additions to the city's economic development, it is suggested that future efforts for commercial expansion be focused on the north end of the Beltline for the city to grow and provide a balanced business environment. The leadership of the mayor and council have shown they can achieve these objectives — and leave our parks for recreation and enjoyment of the communities they serve.

Don Gowen


Swimmers need a home pool

My daughter is a member of the Decatur Aquatic Club. I wanted to write regarding the pool situation.

Our age group practices Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Other age groups practice Monday through Friday. In winter we practice at the Aquadome and in summer we practice at Carrie Matthews.

I think it is outrageous that the city can't provide one place for these children to practice year-round. They can't practice in the Aquadome during the summer due to the heat, but are required to have meets there. The coaches are required to clean the pool before practice at Carrie Matthews. This cuts into practice time. This is a sad situation.

Most people don't even know we have a swim team. They know we have other sports. I feel the swim team is being neglected.

Also, I feel this reflects on our city. When other teams visit, it is sad the children have to compete in such a hot environment. It is sad that we can't provide an adequate pool for meets and practices — a place these youths can call their own. They need a place where they're a priority, where their lane ropes can stay and they don't have to worry about taking them out so they don't get torn up. They need a place where it is not hot so the parents can sit close enough to the pool to actually see their children swim. At the last meet, parents sat on the outside of the glass at the Aquadome.

I wish the Parks and Recreation Department would do something about this pool situation. Even if they add an outdoor pool at the Aquadome, it would be great. There is plenty of space there.

Something needs to be done. I hope this letter will help make a difference.

Wendy Morgan


ACLU attacks country's morals

I was left looking for more in your carefully worded editorial about the Boy Scouts and the ACLU (June 14). I am glad someone is speaking up about them, but it could have been a bit more forceful.

That someone needs to defend the most vulnerable among us is not disputed, but what is disputed is who determines who are the most vulnerable. Are the most vulnerable the members of NAMBLA, the Skinheads, the Nazi Party, those who would remove God from all mention in our society, those who are offended by nativity scenes in public places and abortion doctors? I think not. Since when did destroying the culture and mores of our great country equate with defending the vulnerable?

Homeless people are vulnerable, poor people fighting against big corporations are vulnerable, but not pedophiles, Nazis and abortionists. How did they decide on these groups, and why do we have to pay for it? And the Boy Scouts wanting to keep potential predators out of tents of "vulnerable" young boys should be admired, not sued. I think we need to start applying the RICO laws to the mobsters in the ACLU. Let's put them out of business with a taste of their own medicine.

Robert Moorehead

Chatham, N.J.

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