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SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2005


Second Avenue needs beautification effort

Concerning your July 20 article "Greenery may be in Decatur's future."

I think this is great! I hope the City Council will approve funding to follow through with this project. Within that funding, if it will help, I also hope they approve a portion to the person who owns the first five storefronts on Second Avenue on the right as you come off Gordon Drive. For a long time now, they have been sitting there needing a little paint and something different put in the windows to improve their looks.

I have no idea who owns these buildings, but surely he or she could have made some kind of improvements to the outside in all this time. They are a real eyesore for all the other businesses that have made necessary improvements up and down Second Avenue. Last Christmas, when the street and all the other stores were decorated so beautifully, there was that pitiful mess, dragging down the whole Christmas scene!

Why have the proper city departments not required the owner to clean the buildings and to fix up those storefronts already, or condemned them? Money? Favoritism? Politics? All the guidelines and ordinances should apply to everyone equally, shouldn't they? I can't tell you how long this situation has existed. It has to have been several years! For improvements to Second Avenue, let's start with those locations!

Betty H. Hopkins


Rove controversy latest in long line

It is apparent that Karl Rove wantonly and intentionally exposed the identity of a CIA agent because she was involved in the accurate finding that Iraq had not purchased uranium from Nigeria. His actions were intended to jeopardize the agent's career at the CIA as an undercover agent, and his actions could jeopardize her life.

Rove attacked her because her findings were hurtful to what the president wanted to find: a way to justify attacking Iraq and if Iraq were buying uranium, he could and did claim this as evidence that Iraq was a danger.

Rove was fired by the senior Bush for leaking information to the same (reporter Robert) Novak many years earlier. He was also the understudy of the dirty tricks organizer with the Nixon campaign.

More recently, when the current president campaigned against Sen. John McCain for the Republican nomination, Rove sent a questionnaire out asking "Would you vote for McCain if you knew he fathered an illegitimate black child?" McCain had adopted an African child, not fathered one. The mere question put out by Rove caused many to vote against McCain by inciting racism and innuendo.

Rove ran the current Bush's gubernatorial campaign in Texas, which was recorded as the nastiest in Texas history.

Why do we allow those responsible for dirty tricks to get away with it, and why do our leaders not avoid such people and condemn their contemptible acts?

My hope is that justice will be served by stopping Karl Rove, now that he has committed treason.

David Lee


White House version of patriotism traitorous

Do not forget Karl Rove.

With current media attention on Supreme Court nominee John Roberts, the fact that political aide Rove may have committed treason against the United States has slipped from the forefront of our consciousness. This is not how it should be.

The Bush administration needs to be further investigated, and all responsible for leaking the name of Valerie Plame, Joe Wilson's wife, to the press, should be removed from the administration and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

My friends, there is nothing patriotic about leaking the identity of a CIA operative. Plame was placed in mortal danger the day Rove leaked that Wilson's wife was a member of the CIA. Sure, the Republican Party can try to play semantics by saying, "Rove didn't say her name," but, as Wilson himself said, "I only have one wife."

The United States is a nation of freedoms guaranteed to us by the Constitution that we hold so dear. When our government places the life of someone's wife in danger because that person spoke out against it, such as Rove and possibly other members of the Bush administration did, we become just as bad as the regimes that we are currently seeking to defeat.

President Bush and the Republicans claim to be patriotic, but, until Rove and his cohorts pay for what they have done, they are merely very powerful traitors.

Joe Webb


Opposing view on war, Bush, Halliburton

Gilbert Gamble's letter that President Bush went to war for the wrong reasons makes me question his comprehension capabilities. Does he know anything about Cheney's former company, Halliburton, or is he just repeating the "talking points for Democrats"?

Halliburton, its subsidiaries and subcontractors play a prominent role in Iraq by providing a wide range of services, including fighting oil fires, pumping oil, supplying soldiers with hot meals, shelters and beds, and transporting materials across dangerous stretches of road. I haven't heard of many other companies "biting at the bit" to perform these services. The "no-bid contract" in question is actually an extension of an earlier contract to support U.S. troops overseas that Halliburton won under "open" bidding.

We have uncovered several components of WMDs, which can destroy humanity around the world, in Iraq. A centrifuge, tons of low-grade uranium that can be enriched by this centrifuge, VX and sarin gas ingredients have been documented. The "oil for food" scandal, where Saddam was stealing from his own people, was uncovered. Let's not forget the liberation of millions of suppressed Iraqi people.

His claim that this country has never attacked another country without provocation is not quite factual. Since 1789, America's military has seen combat in more than 220 separate wars, conflicts, police actions, peacekeeping missions and clashes of other kinds. I can assure him that the United States, or our allies, were not the ones being attacked in all these.

There is still no draft. Our men and women know quite well what they're facing when they sign their names on the line for enlistment. For him to spout off like that only appeases the anti-military crowd, and does a disservice to our brave men and women. Comparing Bush to Lyndon Johnson was repugnant.

Mike Dowdy


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