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Katrina doesn't trump slain officer coverage


When I pick up the newspaper I expect to read news that affects me and my community. While I agree that Katrina is important news, it in no way takes precedence over the murder of Huntsville Police officer Daniel Golden.

This omission is why I no longer turn to THE DAILY for serious news. Please understand that this is why newspaper readership is falling nationwide.

I phoned THE DAILY to ask why the story had not appeared. The lady who answered the phone asked me if I was "the same man that called yesterday." So THE DAILY thinks there is only one person who feels this way?

Please folks, you have a serious credibility problem. If you change how you operate now, you can once again be known as a news outlet. Until then, to me you will be known as "The Decatur Delay."

Randall Richards


Fan behavior tarnishes Decatur school image


On Aug. 26, my husband and I drove from the Shoals area to Athens for the Athens-Decatur football game. We anticipated an evening of intense Alabama high school football and we were not disappointed. The game was exciting, highly charged and an example of exemplary talent and sportsmanship. Kudos to both high school teams.

However, the behavior of the Decatur cheering section was not exemplary. Several times during the evening, we heard a loud, raucous chant, using a four-letter word considered foul language. The band also participated by playing a tune that encouraged another chant, using the same four-letter word, to belittle the opposing team. The University of Alabama has discontinued the use of this particular tune until after the final whistle of the game.

Is this type of behavior condoned by the Decatur High School administration, the school board and supporters of Decatur High? Is it condoned by the community and the citizens who are represented by this namesake school? The reasoning "They do it at college games" is not an acceptable excuse for offensive behavior.

The football teams and coaching staffs for both schools represented the best of Alabama high school football. But the offensive behavior of some of the people in the stands tarnishes their accomplishment.

Cheryl McGee


Priceville rezoning best for whole town


I was amazed by the citizens who spoke out against the rezoning of the 29 acres of land located at Marsha Avenue during the town meeting. The main concerns voiced were that of noise, traffic and "critters." Accusations were made towards the property owner of betrayal and greed. The town meeting mirrored some of the infamous church business meetings when the church split over the color of the carpet. No one is really thinking about what is best for the town, just what is best for them.

Voting to rezone this property makes sense. The town could add stipulations for commercial developers and would benefit from increased sales-tax revenue that would help the local law enforcement and fire departments. For a town that is growing as fast as Priceville, the council must look for ways to fund these departments.

One of the citizens voiced a concern about the increased traffic that rezoning would create for Priceville High School drivers who enter/exit the school on Alabama 67. She stated that the "town needed to be more concerned with getting Priceville High School off of the highway." I would like to point out that Priceville High School is part of Morgan County Schools and not the responsibility of Priceville Town Hall.

Priceville schools are supported by sales-tax revenue. Sales-tax revenue is brought in by commercial business. Priceville property owners do not pay additional property taxes to support our schools, but they can help the schools by supporting commercial growth in Priceville.

By working together, we can have a town that is appealing from every angle. It is my hope that the council will consider what is best for the entire town.

Lisa Morton


Body bags don't change hearts, minds


I would like to express my appreciation of the very perceptive editorial on Aug. 19, "We can hate the war and love the warriors."

Of course we love the warriors and despair for their danger and death. It does not make us less aware that history is repeating itself.

Since the days of the Crusades, people from the West have been trying to improve the lives of the people in the East.

Someone remarked that maybe the world history course at Yale wasn't too good. Maybe the president doesn't really know about the Crusades, but he does know about Vietnam.

President Lyndon Johnson said he did not want to be the first president to lose a war and he wanted to "change the hearts and minds of the people of Southeast Asia!" Someone told him, "Ten thousand green bags later, you will not have accomplished that." The truth is that 50,000 green bags later, he had not changed their minds. A long black wall attests to his stubbornness and people weep in front of it every day.

So we must send our soldiers to kill the terrorists! It seems apparent that we are arousing hate for our country and creating more terrorists as we go.

Please, Mr. Bush, read your history textbook!

Frances Philpot Evans


Many confuse facts with propaganda


The Democrats' "talking points" never change do they? " 'W' did this or that." It's so amusing. Recent terminology is to call it "democrap." Bill Webb needs to research just how many Democrats stated that Saddam had WMDs before President Bush was ever elected.

Madeline Albright, Nancy Pelosi, Sandy Berger, Carl Levin, Bob Graham, Al Gore, Robert Byrd, John Kerry, Jay Rockerfeller, Henry Waxman, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have stated on national television that Saddam had WMDs. All of the aforementioned also had access to the same intelligence that Bush had.

There was no "abuse" by appointing Bolton — it's the president's privilege. Clinton made 140 recess appointments during eight years. Since when has any president had any control over the price of gasoline? Clinton also gave tax breaks to many of the same companies during his administration.

I haven't seen proof of an alleged "budget surplus." Just because it is on paper doesn't make it realistic. Numerous former Clinton cabinet members have admitted that the figures were severely exaggerated, fictitious, and the trend was starting a downward spiral.

There is an illegal alien problem, but that has been going on for decades. It didn't happen just in the past four or five years. Less than three months after taking office, Clinton sent to Congress his 1994 budget proposal for the Immigration and Naturalization Service, which included cutting 93 Border Patrol positions. Does this matter to you?

It's easy to sit back and "armchair quarterback" the president. I would not want the responsibilities that he has. It's easier for many to believe everything that the mainstream media reports on. I have not agreed with several things that the president has done, but I choose to look at the facts, not the propaganda and make an informed decision. Maybe you should try this, sir!

Mike Dowdy


It takes time for a democracy to develop


Is it possible for you to go one day without a negative banner headline about Iraq? Why do you so want to undermine support for our troops' mission and the Iraqi people by your biased articles?

Are you also so uninformed that you don't know that even though our Revolutionary War ended and was formally concluded in 1781 and 1783, that it was not until 1787 and 1789 that our own Constitution was signed, then ratified? And we already had state legislatures, governors, and a system of laws. Give 'em a break. We had the Northeastern states with their industry and shipping interests, the Middle Atlantic states with their commerce and banking interests, and the Southern states with their agriculture and export interests — all these factors to reconcile. We had small state versus big state conflicts. Why do you expect virtually instant progress from Iraq when it took us six years to reconcile our own differences? Theirs are at least as great as ours were.

Is it your desire that democracy fail in Iraq from lack of U.S. support? Is it that you can't stand for a Bush policy to succeed? Even worse, do you simply do it because you're too lazy to publish anything on the national scene unless it comes canned from the Associated Press?

Franklin Johnson


White House secrets reveal nature of GOP


In the weeks of Cindy Sheehan's protest, I hope people are now beginning to see how corrupt the Gas Oil Party (GOP) really is. A while back, we learned that Karl Rove, President Bush's senior adviser, leaked the identity of a CIA employee. The president had said before the leak was discovered that if anyone leaked information, they would no longer work at the White House. When it was released that Rove was involved in the leak, President Bush went back on what he said, and Karl Rove is still working at the White House!

A few months ago, a memo, known as the Downing Street Memo, was revealed from the British intelligence that the Bush administration fixed intelligence about Iraq. The fixed intelligence was sent to Congress, and so we are at war because of Bush's lies! Bush's approval rating is dropping dramatically and support for the war in Iraq is plummeting.

Could people be waking up and realizing that the Republican Party is corrupt? Let's hope so!

Dakota Nichols

Town Creek

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