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New Orleans woman's story hit close to home

I enjoyed reading the story written by Sara Beth Williams in THE DAILY, Sunday, Sept. 4. It was almost like a painting, so vivid were the details of a Southern girl's dream of moving on to bigger and better things, only to realize that apples never fall far from the tree.

The details of New Orleans were brought to life, along with warm human relationships developed long before Katrina hit.

Ms. Williams didn't tell us if she was looking for a job, but I feel sure she is an artist, a writer, a journalist, etc ... and wouldn't have a hard time finding employment in either. I, for one, would like to see her write a book.

Wynell Glanton Britton


Children lead by example; we can all learn

I started my day by taking my daughter to school, stopping here and there. I stopped by my in-laws' house, sat in my usual chair by the door and grabbed the morning newspaper. A front-page article (about hurricane damage) stood out:

"A Boy Named Love."

Before I could get finished with the second paragraph my chest got tight and a large lump was in my throat. My father-in-law asked what was wrong. I could not speak.

I dropped the paper as tears were pouring from my eyes. "The children, the children," I thought.

And he said a child shall lead.

What a God I serve. A 6-year-old manages to do something adults can't do. Think about it. In the midst of all that was going on how did they all manage to stay together? God is speaking to us; can you hear him?

I've always said that if I had the chance to meet someone famous, my choice would be Oprah Winfrey. But not any more. It's Deamonte Jones and the six little children.

Deamonte Jones is my hero!

Erica D. Allen


Editorial on Bush missed the mark

In reference to THE DAILY editorial, "Blaming Bush for weather takes politics a bit too far," Sept. 6:


Mostly I agree with your editorials, at least in principle. Your initial intent regarding the trivial assessment of President Bush and of politics in general is correct. But then you did the same thing yourself. Did you lose a bet or did someone coerce you?

Most importantly, you are blatantly incorrect when you say "... indecision is worse than a faulty decision." Status quo is always preferable over faulty decisions. Faulty decision changes producing a less than acceptable set of directly or indirectly related conditions is not better, regardless of what the politicians say.

You fan the flames of mis-comparison to support the unsupportable. As others, you put a white hat on this cowboy and say everybody likes him and supports a man (person) who is firm, positive, stands his ground and steadfastly pursues his convictions.

You fail to consider one fact: A person of this character is acceptably correct only to the extent of public acceptability, something this cowboy ignores.

Billy the Kid, Jessie James, Al Capone and Saddam Hussein all stood their ground and pursued their convictions, as did Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, Hannibal, and other world criminals. They were firm, unwavering, steadfast and stood tall in the saddle, but they all wore black hats!

You erroneously equate the entire Democratic Party with radical liberalism — and Sen. Ted Kennedy as the flag bearer. I am neither a radical liberal nor a Kennedy fan; have never been and never will be. I have always been a conservative Christian who votes Republican, most of the time. But I always vote the issues, not the party. Radical anything is never right.

You're still pretty good, but you lost at least 10 "Atta Boys" on this one.

James L. Nix


President's war crime is impeachable

We have had time to sort out the evidence and events leading up to the American invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003.

For all the posturing and accusations by the Bush administration, it is clear that the American invasion of Iraq was unprovoked.

Whether by omission, commission or distortion, that President Bush lied in his obsession with Iraq is a certainty, and his lies have resulted in the deaths of more than 1,800 American soldiers, tens of thousands of wounded Americans, and a badly divided nation that is foundering in debt.

Although the America military does not count Iraqi casualties, one study has placed their death toll at more than 100,000 — mostly civilians, and countless injured. And Iraq lies in shambles.

According to the American-led prosecutorial teams at Nuremberg and Tokyo tribunals in the aftermath of World War II, the unprovoked invasion of one country by another was defined as a war crime. While we have no federal statute specifically treating war crimes, we did help write and subscribe to the Nuremberg and Tokyo decisions for which we helped execute many, and imprisoned many more.

Section 4. of Article Two of our Constitution states: "The President ... shall be removed from office on impeachment for and conviction of treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors."

If lying to a nation to accomplish an unprovoked war against another nation constitutes and impeachable offense, then Mr. Bush deserves to be impeached. A national leader, above all, must be held responsible for his actions if representative government is to have any meaning and national integrity is to be preserved.

Wayne Holliday


Consider outlet for Colonial Mall refurbish

There have been several articles in THE DAILY about changes for Colonial Mall. I wonder if anyone had considered changing it to an outlet mall?

As far as I know there isn't one close by and it would bring customers from surrounding areas. Just my thought on the subject.

Debbie Goodwin


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