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Firefighters deserve our gratitude


My prayers go out to the family who lost their home on Indian Hills, and to Ty Morris, the firefighter who was injured. My house in Burningtree caught fire the previous Sunday night at about 10. A bathroom fan shorted out and caught the attic rafters on fire.

Our urgent call to 911 was answered with 13 firefighters, including Mr. Morris, and four engine companies, who put the fire out and saved our house.

I am still amazed at the response time and the skill displayed by these fine professionals, who literally place their lives in danger to save the lives and property of Decatur citizens.

The facts and circumstances of every accident or tragedy are obviously very different. From what my family experienced, though, I cannot imagine that the difference between the fire on Willow Bend on Sunday and the fire on Indian Hills on Wednesday has anything to do with the dedicated and blessed members of Decatur's Fire Department.

These fine people deserve only our gratitude. Install and regularly check your smoke alarms. Buy and maintain fire extinguishers. Have a family fire plan. Vote for public officials who support the training and increased staffing of our city's fire and police departments.

It could happen to you, too.

Erika L. Jenke-Huber


More alcohol sales not the cure-all for city


Our City Council never ceases to amaze me. No matter who sits on it, they continue to push for more alcohol sales, thinking that alcohol can cure all the financial woes of the Decatur.

I'm not sure where they ever got the idea that this was a benefit to our city. It must have come from someone who was under the influence at the time. They now have decided to rezone Point Mallard golf course so they can reap the cash rewards of more alcohol sales.

I don't see that this is a benefit to the citizens of Decatur. Oh, I'm sure it will benefit a certain sector of citizens who can't curb their addiction to alcohol long enough to play a round of golf. It will also add a few more drivers under the influence to our city streets. Now that's just what we need.

I recently saw an article which stated that DUIs in Alabama rose 16 percent last year. So much for the get-tough stand on drinking and driving. It just goes to show you that if you live in a certain area of town you can get anything you want, but if you live in other certain areas of town you can't even get rezoning for a much-needed bus station.

Which do you think Decatur needs: more alcohol sales or a bus service? If we are going to make folks who need the bus service have to go all the way to Athens or Huntsville to get it, let's also make the alcohol addicted folks go there for their habit. I certainly hope that when these fellows come up for re-election that the citizens of Decatur remember all their deeds and vote accordingly. I know I will.

Steve Escue


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