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Tree deserved more study before removal


I have lived in Decatur for almost 50 years and have seldom voiced my complaints through THE DAILY. I try to be more direct. However, this problem can only be solved by the people of Decatur.

I have seen our city make progress in many areas. The slaughter of the trees in this town is not one of them. The unnecessary removal of one of the oldest trees in town is something that we should not be proud of. The giant oak in Delano Park should have had more study before removal.

Delano Park is taking on the look of another thing we can look at with pride. The removal of our great canopy trees must stop.

Gil Aldrich


Opposes TVA's proposed Elk River marina


As many of this newspaper's readers are aware, TVA is examining a proposal for a new marina on the lower Elk River. This marina will certainly increase the traffic on the Elk dramatically and almost as certainly destroy the habitat of our precious waterfowl and aquatic creatures.

Those who have frequented the Elk River since the 1970s have seen a gradual but measurable return of bald eagles, blue herons and egrets of different species among others that have come to rest, feed and raise their young in this quiet environment.

Two kinds of tanagers, the scarlet tanager and summer tanager, also nest on the banks of the Elk in the summer. They have blessed this area with their presence because the Elk has provided the solitude and food supply they seek.

These creatures have no voices to fight "progress" other than those of the citizens of the river, the people who have homes on the river and those who respectfully travel its waters. We must speak for them before they disappear from our shores and waters again.

Our duty is to protect these creatures who have made their homes with us from yet another tourist industry which will give us only noise, pollution and garbage to take their places. As we speak for those who cannot protest for themselves, we will also save the natural wonder of the Elk River for our children.

Read the compendium of objections to the marina proposal at www.shoalsenvironalliance
.htm and raise your voice.

Carla Gregg


Headline about gun law was misleading


The biased, liberal, anti-Constitution news media is proficient at manipulating words to make something good sound bad and something bad sound good.

Example: in the Oct. 5 DECATUR DAILY, on page A5 was an Associated Press article called "Gun control group warning visitors about Florida's deadly force law." Most people's first thoughts when seeing this title would be that visitors to Florida are at a greater danger.

The reality is that visitors and citizens of Florida are now safer due to new legislation. The title of the article would have been more accurate if it had read: "Warning to criminals visiting Florida. Law-abiding Floridians now have improved laws for self-defense."

The liberal media won't report this, but it is a proven fact that in communities with large numbers of armed, law-abiding citizens, there is less crime. Criminals are encouraged by the defenseless.

James Henderson


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