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Morgan County officials should act like adults

What has Decatur come to? I have never heard of such petty hubbub from adults in all my life. If the County Commission and the Sheriff's Department would spend as much time trying to do their jobs as they do trying to outdo each other, Morgan County would be the finest in all the state.

First, I would like to know why Kevin Murphy was checking the pavement at one in the morning? He said he was trying to slow traffic for fear of an accident. How much traffic was going on at 1 a.m.? All of this has a suspicious sound to me.

As for the sheriff's offer of kindness, I was taught to always accept an act of kindness with thankfulness. If strings are attached you can always cut the ties. It would be up to you as to whether you accept the strings or not. All the different departments that run the county need to work together and not try to pit one department against another. It is hard enough to make things work when all parties are seeking the same agenda.

Mr. Murphy wants his day in court! Our courts are so behind on the docket, why should he take this petty case to trial? Morgan County does not need to foot the bill for something like this. Come on folks, see if you can act like adults!

Charles Waldrop


War monument ought to be a tribute to unity

The decision by the Lawrence County Commission to allow the Sons of Confederate Veterans to erect a monument on the courthouse lawn is ill-advised.

The planned monument will not honor Americans on all sides of the Civil War. In a time when we battle enemies abroad in open combat, we should promote our unity above all other attributes as a sign of our resolve to remain free and to remain one nation.

My great-great grandfather was a Confederate soldier, a private in the 22nd Regiment of the Georgia Infantry. He was wounded in the Battle of Seven Pines in Henrico County, Va., in the spring of 1862. He later settled in Lawrence County, where he died in 1918, the year of the armistice all Americans celebrated just days ago on Veterans' Day. His headstone in an eastern Lawrence County cemetery properly memorializes his service to the Confederacy. The honor we pay to our forefathers should not sport the uniforms of domestic rivalry.

If we must, at this time, publicly honor the veterans of the Civil War, let us do it for all Americans who served. That means honoring Union soldiers as well as Confederate soldiers.

Tim Shelton


Torture in prisons not a reflection
of American way

I am disgusted with the way this country supports the torture of the detainees we have captured in Iraq and Afghanistan. The president keeps saying "we do not torture," but then goes on to speak out of the other side of his mouth about "protecting the American people using any possible means."

Dick Cheney is lobbying the members of Congress not to pass Sen. McCain's bill and President Bush is threatening to veto any bill with this anti-torture language.

If we do not torture, then why are they lobbying so hard to kill that bill? I think it is time we stand up for what is right. We are supposed to be better than that. I don't care what they have done; I don't want people tortured in my name.

Sen. McCain said, "mistreatment of enemy prisoners endangers our own troops who might someday be held captive." Experts say torture is not effective, and the people being tortured will say anything they think the torturers want to hear in order to stop the pain.

If we are truly a Christian nation, we should stand up against this practice. We now know the CIA is flying people in dog crates on secret unmarked airplanes to eastern European countries that have agreed to let them use their medieval-style dungeons in order to torture them in secret. And the kicker is that the Republicans in Congress are not upset about the secret torture, but how this information was leaked to the media!

We need to stop supporting this evil administration that will stop at absolutely nothing to continue its evil agenda, including intentionally lying us into a war on the basis of phony, manufactured information.

Paula Hurst


LCHS teen wants an opportunity to see Team Impact

This letter is in response to Tina Seeborg's letter in the Nov. 13 DAILY.

I, as a Christian, understand how you may feel as if you have been attacked as a result of the visit Team Impact paid to Decatur high schools.

However, I completely agree with the Decatur school system: If a student doesn't believe in the Christian faith, they would not have to attend the assembly.

I am a sophomore at Lawrence County High School, so I have been forced to learn about religions other than Christianity (of course), but I do not allow any of them to "stick with me" simply because I am a Christian and I do not have to believe any differently, especially if it is just because the school presents the subject to me.

In my opinion, I do think if the people in Team Impact were Muslims, rather than Christians, they would still be allowed to present the program to the schools. However, if I did see the program, I would not allow their presentation to persuade me to change my religion. One program is not powerful enough to change the way someone believes, and the way they have probably believed their whole lives, especially if they are in high school.

Personally, I would love for Team Impact to come to LCHS and present their assembly to us.

Let's not forget this is America and we do have freedom of religion.

Ashley Glover


School program had a positive impact on child

This is in response to the letter in the Nov. 13 edition regarding Team Impact attending area schools.

My son is in the fourth grade and was extremely excited after the athletes spoke at his school. When I picked my child up at school on the day of the program he talked about the athletes all the way home. So, when I read the letter to the editor on Sunday, I questioned my son about what the athletes spoke about. He informed me that they spoke about the importance of staying in school, making good grades and respecting their parents and school personnel. I specifically asked him did the athletes mention God or church. He said no. The athletes did tell the students they would be in Decatur that night speaking at a facility on Church Street, and if they were interested in attending they would need to talk to their parents about the location. I believe Team Impact made a good impression on my child and I thank them for taking the time out of their busy schedules to include our children.

Angela L. Hampton


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