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Illegals taking over Decatur and its schools


I am writing about the illegal aliens that have taken over our city and our schools here in Decatur and surrounding areas. Something needs to be done about it before it gets completely out of hand.

I have even heard rumors about Spanish being taught in our elementary schools here. I think it is already mandatory in a lot of middle and high schools. Most people know that some of them are here illegally and this is costing the taxpayers money.

I do feel sorry for the illegal children, but it's not fair to the teachers and the other students. So many of these illegals can't speak English at all. They should be at least able to speak English before starting to school in the United States.

If something isn't done you will see more parents taking their children out of public schools and home schooling them.

David W. Kelley


Criticism of president valid, even during war


I noticed the letter to the editor, which THE DAILY titled: "First Amendment does not apply during war," where the writer called criticism of the war and the president treason.

Well, here goes some treason: I opposed the attack and invasion of Iraq before, and I oppose it now. I think we should use any and all legal means to stop the war and remove George W. Bush from the White House.

To call it a war is to justify an almost one-sided attack where most of the dying takes place on the opposing side. What we have is a civil war that we should remove ourselves from as soon as possible.

Mr. Bush and his cronies have been dishonest with us from the start about the real reason for his attack. There were no WMDs and Iraq was not a threat to us, given that we spent more than 10 years with sanctions and bombings to bring it to its knees. We don't care about democracy or we would have done something about Saddam years ago and we would not be supporting despots in surrounding countries to ensure our oil supply.

That's what this is really about: control of the Middle East because of oil, and crushing anyone who opposes U.S. power if they have something we need.

Richard Davis


Real history: CSA army was ethnically diverse


Today the politically correct society teaches us to be horrified at the thought of a Confederate soldiers memorial. It has been widely taught that the only people who fought for the Confederacy were white Southern males protecting their black African property. This is a revisionist historical approach and, of course, is completely incorrect.

The Southern army was composed of a pluralistic people of many ethnic groups.

There was the Scotch-Irish from Ireland and Scotland who inhabited the Southeastern states. The Irish also enlisted from Georgia and South Carolina. The French who inhabited the deltas of Louisiana and Alabama came from France and French Canada. Jewish men from all the Southern states had migrated to the South from Europe and also fought for the Confederacy. There were descendants of the Spanish who joined from Florida, Texas and the New Mexico Territory. A company of women ran the Georgia Home Guard around Savannah and fought Sherman's invasion. There was also a large enrollment from the Five Civilized Tribes: the Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, Choctaw and Seminoles. The wealthy descendants of British colonists composed about 2 percent of the Confederate Army.

Another group of enlistees was the free black African males who fought by choice for the Confederacy. Robert E. Lee had requested 300,000 more black African male slaves to fight for their freedom as early as 1863. Jefferson Davis, however, would not agree to those terms until April 1865, which was too late to stop the Confederacy's defeat.

The majority of these people comprised about 98 percent of the Confederate army and owned no slaves.

Therefore, the next time a so-called politically correct person tells you they oppose a Confederate soldiers memorial, you can answer them by asking, "Just which group do you oppose?"

Phillip M. Chenault


Reader pleased by return of businesswoman


I would like to congratulate Ms. (Dawn) Hendricks on her recent career move. I, for one, am glad to have her back in Decatur. It is encouraging to know that there are people like her to watch your back. Thanks!

Good luck on her new journey in life. I know she will do well.

I enjoyed reading some good news in THE DAILY.

Margaret Wyker


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