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Revealing classified information is treason


We have been exposed to the release of classified information that our government felt should be kept secret.

Giving out classified information in years gone by was believed by the government and the public to be an act of treason with the sentence of death if convicted.

What has happened to us to believe we should know everything, that the government has no right to protect classified information from the public? There are some things that are not our business. If we know everything, it is a sure fact that the enemy also knows.

We need to get it in our heads that we are at war. Not the Battle of the Bulge type of war, but a war whose enemy is more insidious, and with no respect for human life. This enemy is so callous it thinks that the holy God is their co-conspirator. This type of enemy must be destroyed.

When we realize that classified information has been made public by Americans, information that otherwise could not possibly have been known by the enemy, and could have caused the loss of one of our own, we can see the danger of such organizations as People for the American Way, the ACLU and the New York Times, etc., that are one in thought: their hatred of the president and his efforts to protect American citizens, which is his main responsibility.

The thing that infuriates me the most is the public's "don't care" attitude toward things that are happening daily.

Carlos L. Cook


Princess event rocked; Give us more, please


I would like to congratulate and thank those groups and individuals responsible for putting on the performance of the free rock bands at the Princess Theatre on Nov. 25. The theater staff and three local bands provided a great night of entertainment in this unique venue.

Decatur is fortunate to have such a distinctive venue and landmark in which to host performances and community events, but I was particularly delighted at the willingness and foresight of those involved in running the Princess to welcome and encourage a younger audience to attend this and other Princess performances. This truly was a family-friendly affair that had 5-year-olds dancing in the aisles and their grandparents clapping their hands to the music.

I hope and encourage the decision-makers at the Princess to continue these types of performances, along with their other entertaining, scheduled acts, and hope in turn that Decatur will continue to support one of its unique local attractions.

We have all heard the cries from children and parents alike that there is nothing for youths to do for fun around here. Events like Princess Rocked have disproved that statement.

Carl A. Cole III


Older workers should make way for young


World peace will come when everyone who has worked his or her entire life on an easy, good-paying job with great benefits, would wake up and say to himself or herself, "I will retire today and I will stay home and give the younger generation a chance at life."

Today there are far too many young people on drugs, committing crimes, involved in prostitution, joining the military, starving and suffering in more ways than can be described. Why? Because they can not find good jobs with good pay and benefits. It is because of the people who are holding on and squeezing the life out of jobs that pay more.

Everyone's always complaining about the new generation. Well, I've interviewed a lot of young people who have said to me that they want to work and provide for themselves, but why get up and go to a job that pays minimum wage, because you never break even. This is true. I've worked minimum-wage jobs before and it is impossible to pay your bills, rent, buy gas, have a car and provide for a family.

So I say to the older generation, "We have too many recalls." Go home, get on welfare and see how it feels not to live in peace.

Angela Hill


Pat Robertson a bad example for Christians


This is in reference to the article published Jan. 6 where Pat Robertson expressed his opinion about the Israeli prime minister's stroke. How dare he presume to speak for God, or any other person except himself? How heartless to say that God brought this on Ariel Sharon to punish him.

Nothing annoys me more than the self-righteous, so-called "Christians" who set themselves up as spokespersons for God and think their opinions are the only ones that matter. The last time I checked, I didn't see that God had given anyone the exclusive right to speak for him. All of his children have open access to him in our lives and how arrogant that anyone says, "God told me to tell you... ."

People like Mr. Robertson give Christianity a bad name. If I weren't already a Christian and he was the only example I saw, I certainly would not want to become one. The devil doesn't really need to sabotage God — his own so-called children do a good enough job.

Pamela Farmer


Decatur boats made parade special


Ditto Landing in Huntsville hosted the "Stars on the River" event recently. It was a celebration of the heroic spirit of our military and community volunteers, complete with boat parade and fireworks.

We were so proud to see boats from Decatur arrive — they absolutely made our parade! It takes a great deal of effort to decorate, fuel and make the trip to Huntsville.

We want to thank the boaters from Riverwalk Marina for being great examples of boating spirit to all of us in Huntsville.

Christy Thrasher Martin


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