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Please print positive news about Iraq war


I have noticed that the only news that we Americans read in our newspapers is bad news. I know that destruction, death, crime, and other depressing titles reach out and grab the attention of humans.

The subject that I would like for you to look into is Operation Iraq Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

I retired from the U.S. Army here in Decatur with nearly 30 years of dedicated service. I was honored to serve one year in Kuwait a year and a half ago. We were stationed almost nine miles from Iraq.

What I am getting at is that good news does come from areas under fire and where support such as ours was stationed. The news concerning construction, medical, social and spiritual are a few titles that mean very much to our troops and the citizens that live in the desert. If you would just spend a brief part of your time to look up record-breaking tasks that our military has done across the pond, you may be surprised.

I just ask that you would find the time to print one small positive task that we are doing there. I will be very grateful and so would many others who have loved ones spending their lives in the heat and alone.

Robert F. Sapp


ID may not be science, but neither is evolution


It shouldn't surprise anyone that a federal judge is telling a local school board what they can teach. Accepting federal funds invites federal control.

But let's take a look at the judge's logic. He says intelligent design "relies on flawed and illogical arguments" and that "its attacks on evolution have been refuted by the scientific community." These are false statements. He also says that while intelligent design may be true, it is not science. Neither is evolution.

Let's see if I understand his reasoning. Schools can't teach the historical account of creation because it is not science, but they can teach the theory of evolution and call it science and that makes it right.

Teaching such nonsense to innocent and helpless children is an absolute disgrace!

Don Gregg


Athletic facilities should include skateboard park


I read the article about the skate park. This has always been a big issue for me. Skateboarders are always seen as these guys on MTV who break stuff and trash areas, when most are just looking for something they can do.

Most skateboarders I know and have known are youths who want a sport, but not a team sport, because those are the jocks. When I grew up it was illegal for any type of free ride sport skateboarding, roller-skating, BMX and anything else that wasn't part of the big five sports.

If the cities can spend millions of dollars on football stadiums and baseball fields and softball and basketball and everything else, when are the other children getting some of that money? They have a park in Athens with the smoothest walks around and you get a ticket for riding there. When is it going to get around to us?

I have a son who is restricted to his driveway for both scooter and BMX riding. I wanted to show my children how they can go outside and have fun not sitting behind a game console. I have ridden BMX and skated for over 26 years on and off. I had just recently bought my son a BMX bike and was hoping to get that chance, but after they closed the park in Madison, that was pretty much the end of it.

What happens to the children now?

Steven Mullins


Committee should examine all judges


I listened to our Senate Judicial Committee putting Supreme Court nominee Judge Samuel Alito through the mill, as it should. Why not put the lower courts, civil and circuit judges through the same procedure by the Judicial Committee, or by a committee of their peers?

A judge is a public official with power to hear cases in a lawsuit and decide what laws apply. No judge is worthy to sit on the bench and hand down judgment as he wants it to be, and not according to the evidence and laws.

Liars and cheats are winning more cases and the innocent are paying the price.

Our judicial system needs an overhaul. The judges who cannot make judgments according to the facts of the case and apply the state laws accordingly should not be allowed to sit on the bench.

Justice should be served.

Clyde Roye


Ignore the cell phone while driving a car


I say for once and for all: All cell phones should be banned while driving. My son was front page news for days because he lost his life using his cell phone while driving.

Wake up people. How many times have you been driving when suddenly, traffic is slowed down (in the left lane, no less) and it's because there is someone on the phone. You miss the light because the person in front of you is busy talking on the phone. Take a look around you while driving and count how many people you see using that cell phone. Recently, a woman pulled out in front of me on Alabama 24 and I was paying attention, but she wasn't. How my truck stayed on all four wheels, I don't know. All I can say here is that God was looking out for both of us, because if I had hit her, I would have killed her. She was on a cell phone.

How many more have to die or cause a wreck that will kill or injure someone? I am really trying to keep my son's death from being useless. I want it to be a wake-up call for all people. From my son, Lucas Rolin, and me, his mother, please, please ignore that phone until you get where you are going. Take that few seconds to live.

Marie Lindsey


Better schools, highway access needed in Decatur


I read with interest the articles in THE DAILY regarding the accelerated growth of Priceville, Hartselle and Madison, along with the fact that Decatur is not growing.

Could it be these cities have something Decatur doesn't have?

I do not claim to be an authority on the subject, but I know four things that would improve this fact.

1. A more people-friendly Building Department.

2. A school in the area of Hickory Hills or Burningtree.

3. An improved quality of education, as documented by the results of state test scores that place Decatur at or near the state average. Unfortunately, the Alabama scores are consistently some of the lowest in the nation.

4. New people who transfer to Decatur, Madison or Huntsville want easy access to I-565. They want good schools for their children. We cannot attract them.

Three of our school board members turned down a chance to vote for progress. They had a chance to vote for a school in the Hickory Hills/Burningtree area. Instead of voting for progress, they voted to build a school in an area of zero growth and no area for growth. This vote was not to settle the Justice Department suit, as we were told. These officials had an alternative that was acceptable and preferred by the minority.

Could it be politics, money or who knows?

Patsy Poole


Signal upgrade needed on Spring Avenue


It has been five years since Spring Avenue Southwest was widened from two to five lanes from Beltline Road to Cedar Lake Road, in conjunction with the English Village Shopping Center, along with three traffic signals, including two new ones.

Along this stretch, a block south of the Beltline, traffic in the northbound lane gets stacked at times, as drivers wait for southbound traffic on Spring Avenue to clear before making a left turn on to Wimberly Drive to get to Home Depot, or as a shortcut to Modaus Road, to escape traffic congestion. That intersection currently does not have a left turn signal, leaving motorists frustrated.

Unless warranted in the near future, the city may consider asking the state to upgrade the signals into delayed left-turn signals for accessing Wimberly Drive, Cedar Lake Road and Way Thru The Woods entering from the Spring Avenue intersection to reduce the long lines. This would save a lot of time.

Jeffery L. Watson


GOP or Democrat: What would Jesus do?


Do our elected officials have any idea who they are? For that matter, do you know what your political preference really is?

Jeff Clark's move to the Republican Party is the most hypocritical thing since Greg Bartlett lost his backbone. His claim that abortion caused him to change parties is totally unreasonable. Abortion hopefully will never be an issue that he has to address. I must wonder, however what his position on abortion would be if his wife or daughter was raped and had to bear the child.

Anti-abortion has become the cry of the Republican Party. Republicans should consider for just one moment the policies of their leader, George W. Bush. "W" says that he and his party are against abortion of an unborn child while his policies have aborted in excess of 2,500 adult lives in the "Bush War."

Our local Democratic Party is not going to rebut the stand of the National Democratic Party. The platform of the national party is the platform of all Democrats.

Let's consider the electorate for a moment. There are two prominent political beliefs in our nation. One party accepts the status quo and the other party constantly looks for ways to improve our nation. Do you know which is which and who you are?

The Democratic Party cares for the poor, the infirm, the under classes, as Jesus instructed us to do. Democrats would not cut funding to those in need. However, the Republicans have done just that.

Members of the Republican Party shout that they are the Christians. Actions speak louder than words, so I am proud to be a Christian Democrat.

John Webb


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