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Sewer financing on fast track


I had requested DAILY assistance in publicizing the Flint sewer problem and Chris Paschenko did a superlative job in the front page article of March 11. There is, however, one piece of incorrect information, which is a result of an unintentional misunderstanding between Chris and me during our conversations regarding this subject.

I refer to the sentence stating, "the city's financial hardship put the project on hold."

This City Council has been adamant in its support of continuing to fund this project put in place by the previous council and there has been no discussion of putting it on hold.

Line-item appropriations were included in both the FY05 and FY06 budgets matching DU's commitments and the attitude of everyone is this will continue in FY07 and FY08.

The reason for the line-item grant applications for federal FY 07, etc. is to speed up the project. At the continuing funding levels based on cost estimates of Dec. 1, 2004, this will be a 25-year project. This funding would reduce it to four years.

John Ross (Rep. Robert Aderholt), Lisa Montgomery (Sen. Jeff Sessions) and LaFreeda Jordan (Sen. Richard Shelby) have been made aware of the serious health issues involved and have worked with us getting this appropriation in the queue. On a local level, Nora Millacan (NARCOG), Gary Borden (Decatur Utilities), and Michelle Gilliam-Jordan (Community Development) were helpful in helping get the necessary paperwork filled out properly.

I urge everyone who has friends or relatives in the Flint area or involved in recreational activities on Flint Creek to contact their federal representatives in support of this grant.

Gary Hammon

City councilman


County should honor Owens


This letter regards the Feb. 21 article about Berlin, Germany, naming a thoroughfare for Jesse Owens: "Seventy years later, Germans have not forgotten Jesse Owens." This made me realize something. Jesse Owens' hometown has not even taken that step.

The article stated that Owens is to Germans as Paul "Bear" Bryant is to Alabama football fans. Everyone is inspired by his Olympic victories and their larger meaning that everyone is equal. Even the owners of the Olympic Village ruins where Owens stayed while in Berlin honor and maintain his temporary quarters.

Lawrence County is the proud home of the hero Owens. We should at least follow Berlin's inspired idea and name Alabama 157 from the Lawrence-Cullman County line to Court Street in Moulton the "Jesse Owens Memorial Highway." With the widening of the highway and the approach of the 2008 Summer Games, there is no time like now to do the right thing.

Kylene Chenault


Lucky updates appreciated


I have been keeping up with your news on Lucky. What a shame that we have in our own neighborhoods predators with the lowest of morals. I am one of the contributors to the "Justice for Lucky" support, and I only hope they have enough evidence to send this creature to jail for a very long time. Maybe he will learn something about justice there. Thank you for keeping the interested updated on this important item.

Pam Walters

Laurel, Miss.

Humans are only voice for abused animals


I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and typically check on things back in the South because I am a country girl raised in Athens.

I was truly saddened about Lucky. You have to understand that I grew up pleading with my parents to "pick up that little dog on the side of the road." When Dad and I were coming home from fishing when I was about 5, we picked up a little maggot-infested kitten (which, by the way, lived a happy life for 24 years).

I can't tell you how many animals we have had in my lifetime. Most were "throw away pets" and strays. The cruelty inflicted on Lucky is inhumane, but it is scary to know there are heartless people out there who think fighting animals is "cool and fun to watch." It makes me wonder what type of people we have wandering our streets, being near our children, working with us in our jobs.

Our laws in America do not truly defend the defenseless. Where is the true punishment that these people deserve for killing/injuring a living creature? As an animal advocate, we are the speaking voices for animals like Lucky. I would hope that someone who witnessed this horrible incident would come forward and be Lucky's advocate, too. Then to me, the person responsible for Lucky's injuries should be taped up, have their arm ripped off and be left in a Dumpster and disregarded as rubbish. But the legal system wouldn't stand for that type of cruelty, would it?

Kelley Harrison

Salt Lake City, Utah

Students who don't do work should fail


From the March 7 article in THE DAILY, I gather that in the Lawrence County school system, certain students will be exempt from final exams — including those with a "D" average.

So a "D" student will have to be on time most of the time, be good most of the time and then he or she can skip finals. "Superintendent Dexter Rutherford said he likes the idea of exempting 'D' students because final exam grades are so heavily weighted that a low score could cause a student to fail a class."

And what's wrong with failing if you can't do the work?

Under the exemption policy, a student can loaf for most of the semester, be late or have "disciplinary visits" no more than twice and if so, can skip the final exam. And these are tomorrow's leaders? No wonder so many parents are home schooling.

Doss White


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