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Animal abuse must be reported


I'm so glad that Lucky is going to be OK. Thanks to Dr. Steve Osborne for his great love for animals. There is another person in Decatur who also has a great love for animals. His name is Dr. Jeff English and he works at Bryan Animal Clinic on Stratford Road.

Last year, my sister rescued a little kitty from the neighbor's yard. He had slung the cat by its tail, and the tail was about two feet long. He left her outside to die. The kitty could hardly breathe.

We took her to the clinic and saw Dr. English. He became very upset when he saw the shape she was in. Dr. English said there is a special place for people who mistreat animals this way. He took an X-ray and found she had been slung so hard that her insides were up in her chest. He said she had to have surgery and he was going to do his best to save her.

He had to remove her tail and part of her liver. She was in his clinic for a few days. Today, she is doing great and is in a loving home.

We reported this abuse to the animal shelter, filed a complaint and signed it. There was a witness to this abuse who gave them the information and told them they needed to do something. I don't think anything was ever done. Unless these people are punished for mistreating animals, it won't stop.

Carolyn B. Knight


Pit bull breed misunderstood


I read your recent article, "The shadowy world of dogfighting" with interest. As an anti-dog fighting advocate, I believe that Paul Huggins presented a fair general overview of the world of dogfighting which will no doubt come as a surprise to many of your readers.

As an owner of and advocate for bully breed dogs, I hope that Mr. Huggins will consider writing a follow-up article which will shock your readers with the information that pit bulls are actually wonderful, loyal and loving dogs when raised in the proper environment. In fact, the vast majority of bully breed dogs are well-adjusted, lovely dogs. Unfortunately, we never see headlines that shout "Pit bull snuggles with toddler!" nor do we see many headlines that address the many dog attacks perpetrated by other breeds of dogs. Did you know a Pomeranian mauled an infant to death? ("Baby girl killed by family dog," Los Angeles Times, Oct. 9, 2000, Home Edition, Metro section, page B5.)

The media's continued proclivity for portraying pit bulls as mindless killing machines has fueled hysteria leading to mass euthanization of the dogs in shelters across the country, breed bans and increased abuse toward these animals. In my opinion, the media has as much blood on its hands as the dog-fighting world. Again, I encourage Mr. Huggins to do some research on the breed and to present your findings to your readers.

A great deal of excellent information can be found regarding pit bulls, the myths, the realities, their true temperament, etc., on these sites:;;; and for some shocking images you won't see in the media:

Laura Gonzo


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