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Support soldiers by demanding some answers


Support for the Iraq war was so overwhelming that dissenting Americans were muffled by the patriotic fervor. Those Americans deserved to be heard then and ought be acknowledged now that neo-conservatives are making a headlong retreat from President Bush's war.

Now is the time for all Americans to show their support for our soldiers by demanding the president provide answers to these questions: What is our plan to succeed in Iraq? When will our troops come home? Why did he send our troops into a war based on flawed, inaccurate intelligence? Why didn't he have a post-invasion plan? When will he take responsibility for his administration's mistakes?

David Meigs


Train local police in abuse investigation


Lucky's saga really raised public awareness of dog fighting and animal cruelty. I hope it can be a step toward being able to address and solve the problem of animal abuse.

The March 22 paper had two items concerning this issue. One was about a cat being swung by its tail and the other was about two pit bull dogs being "borrowed/stolen" and fought for the amusement and pleasure of two young men. What was the punishment for committing these acts? Nothing?

One of the most disturbing aspects of reports of animal cruelty is there appears to be very little consequences for the perpetrators of these inhumane acts. What punishment did Lucky/Rocky's former owner receive? A large fine? Jail time? A slap on the wrist? The fact that he was allowed to keep other dogs in his yard is disgraceful.

The Birmingham News had an excellent article concerning actions taken to address animal abuse problems ("Few trained as animal cruelty investigators" March 20). A few police officers are trained and certified to investigate animal abuse cases. The officers who are certified can (from the article by Keysha Drexel and Marienne Thomas-Ogle): enforce animal protection laws through the civil court system; remove animals from abusive situations more quickly than non-law enforcement investigators by streamlining the warrant process; prosecute abusers by filing criminal charges against them and imposing fines, thereby emphasizing the seriousness of mistreatment and neglect of animals; execute outstanding criminal warrants along with animal cruelty warrants, since police officers have immediate access to police records.

I think it would benefit Decatur and Morgan County to start a program such as this.

Anyone concerned with animal abuse needs to contact his representative about the need for stronger laws against animal cruelty.

Judi Montgomery


Animal abusers belong in jail


I read about another dog that was left on the roadside in Somerville. It is time for the police or the U.S. government to get involved and find out who these (and I hate to say humans) are who are involved in these animals being killed for sport.

The time to step up to the plate is now. We need to get them in jail where they belong. Just think Lucky and Unlucky could have been children and (God forbid) found dead or nearly dead on the side of the road. I plead with the powers that be to get involved and stop this inhumane treatment of our precious animals.

Dorothy P. Johnson


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