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Hospice good use for former St. Ann school

I would like to thank Hospice and Fred Underwood. It was with nostalgia and tears that I viewed the beautiful new Hospice facility, which was formerly St. Ann School. What a fitting climax it is for our school!

Especially meaningful to me were all the quotations throughout the building. Each morning of my 25 years at St. Ann began with a prayer and a discussion of a quotation I had placed on the board.

It was moving to see the thoughtfully planned facilities for children, as well.

Thank you and may God bless Hospice and its dedicated workers and volunteers.

Mary Gibbs


Development ignored rules

The "real issue." There has been much in the press lately concerning construction in Bay Hill Village at the former boat ramp. The articles invariably talk about the impact of the new construction on the view from the River Breeze condominiums.

The real issue is the enforceability of covenants and restrictions. When I bought my property, I was shown a plat of Bay Hill that clearly defined all the lots to include those at the former boat ramp. The people I purchased my lot from did not own the lots at the boat launch, but they, too, had been assured the boat launch would always be for public use. Later, I was also shown the covenants and restrictions that applied. Why were they necessary? To protect our investment in Bay Hill. The declarant turned over to the homeowners association the power to enforce the covenants and restrictions. Bylaws were passed, architectural and landscaping committees formed and everything was working according to plan.

Enter a new contractor with an apparent total disregard for the community, what had been built and the covenants and restrictions in place. Now, it appears that legal action will be necessary. If the covenants and restrictions are not enforceable, this will have an impact on much more than Bay Hill. Maybe the next time it will be someone buying a lot at "The Pointe" down the street and parking a house trailer there. Why not in this era of "do what you want and to hell with your neighbors."

This was not the Bay Hill that I envisioned.

John F. Miller


Irresponsible to mix breeds

I have sympathy for sufferers from ALS and for their families. However, there are two points I must make regarding the fundraiser recently reported in THE DAILY.

First, auctioning off a puppy is inappropriate. A puppy is a living creature and getting one is a long-term commitment. One should not bring home a puppy without everyone in the family being involved in the planning process. Responsible breeders want to know exactly to whom their puppy is going — not just to the highest bidder.

Second, in spite of the popular term, "designer dog," a labradoodle is a mixed breed. The animal shelters are full of mixed-breed puppies in need of loving homes. It is irresponsible to deliberately breed more of them.

The newspaper carries many ads for CKC registered "designer puppies" for sale, such as labradoodles, Bichon-pekes, Bichon-Yorkie, etc. They are all mixed-breed puppies, no different from mixed-breed puppies at the shelter. The CKC will register a goat if the papers are accompanied by a check.

Gaylon Dodson


Highlight good news in city

THE DECATUR DAILY is a very good paper. I look forward to getting it each morning. However, I noticed on the front page of the March 29 paper that there were three articles about murders and one article about profanity. There was nothing about the good things happening in Decatur.

For instance, Decatur High students won second, fourth and fifth places in the physics competition at The University of Alabama recently. This was printed at the bottom of the second page of an education insert. This was a great honor for our students and a compliment to our school system and should have been on the front page of the paper with a picture of the students. I think that would have given newcomers and prospective businesses a wonderful impression of our city and would let them know that we value education.

We have a great city and the paper should highlight the good things that are happening here.

Linda Bruner


DAILY biased against Auburn

On the front page of your March 26 sports section, you had an article about the assistant basketball coach at Alabama being offered a job at Murray State. Big deal. Only the assistant and Murray State cared.

At the same time, the Auburn's men's swim team won its fourth consecutive NCAA title. The Daily Drag put the article (small) on the third page. The Huntsville Times put it on the front page of their sports section. It is very obvious where The Drag stands on Auburn.

Chuck Browning


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