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Leave city animal shelter at current site


Regarding the dog pound, this group of alleged leaders never ceases to amaze me. Does Councilman Ronny Russell take an "idiot" pill at night?

Of course the dogs don't bark where they are. There is no one around them. How would Ronny Russell know? He lives nowhere near the animal shelter.

First, where are we going to get the money to build an expensive building that we don't need? The new ball fields have plenty of space if we need a new building.

If Mr. Russell wants to hold a District 4 meeting, City Hall has a large auditorium. This building is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is in the same building as the Police Department and I don't think the Police Department closes at 9 p.m., does it?

The amount of money he proposes ($1.8 million) is money we don't have. At the going rate they are paying now ($60,000 a year), the same amount of money would last for 30 years. The recreational area is for the enjoyment of the citizens of Decatur, not to put the animals on display. Only an idiot would vote for such a proposal.

Wilson Morgan Park is not the only property the city owns. If we need to build a new office complex, build it in the place where the warehouse is/was that the restaurant owner wanted to rent/purchase. You know: the same one they ran to Hartselle. Leave the shelter where it is.

When this administration is thrown out, it will take 10 years to undo the damage this group has done and most of it can be blamed on three of the five members. If the mayor has veto power, he is as much to blame for this mess as the other three.

Aaron Potts


Aliens turning U.S. into Third World country


Pro-immigration rallies have taken place everywhere. According to some, illegal aliens are making our country a better place by doing the jobs Americans supposedly will not do; by contributing monetarily to our economy and by keeping prices down because they will work for low wages.

What are these supposed jobs Americans won't do? Americans still work in fast-food places, do construction, paint houses and do many other such jobs. I ate chicken processed by American workers long before chicken plants began importing and exploiting illegal Mexicans and Guatemalans to work there. Americans, unlike illegals, will not allow themselves to be exploited, but will work for fair compensation.

As far as illegals contributing to our economy, how can that be? The ones being paid in cash with no deductions do not. The ones with fraudulent Social Security numbers often have so many deductions for dependents and income tax credits that they pay few, if any, taxes. Even when they do pay, their income is not high enough to pay for medical and other expenses related to having a family. Still, they have multiple children for free in our nation's hospitals, then obtain food stamps and many other services available to illegals.

As for keeping prices of goods and services low, that's a myth. Business owners benefit from the illegals being subsidized by taxpayers in the form of free education, free medical care and housing assistance. As business owners feed their cheap-labor addiction, those of us in the middle class struggle.

Mexico has the fifth richest world economy and will continue to improve as millions of people cross illegally into the United States. Meanwhile, we are being turned into a Third World country and our government is fervently contributing to the decline.

Carmen Callahan


It's a jail, not a country club


I agree 100 percent with Mr. Slaten about putting a fence around the new jail. I am a hard-working, tax-paying resident of Morgan County and I want the new jail to look like a jail. If they were worried that it would look like a jail, then why in the world didn't they purchase land in the middle of nowhere? If they want a country-club look or community-center look for the residents of the county jail, then they should put in a pool and a golf course.

I think this is just another way for a few people on the commission to stick it to Sheriff Greg Bartlett.

I pay taxes and I want the razor wire on an eight-foot fence. I am not worried that our new jail will look like a jail. If the County Commission wants it to look "nice," then have Commissioner Stacy George and the other members of the commission get out and plant some flowers at the front door.

June Munoz


Fence would make jail safe for downtown


How long have the people downtown known that a jail was being built? All the hoopla going on about the jail and it has not been noticed? It's a little late to cry wolf after the county spent $23 million to build a state-of-the-art jail that might look like a prison. What do you think a jail is supposed to look like?

We are talking about bringing children downtown, but you don't want a fence around the jail. That is even more a reason to have it. I cannot understand the reasoning of a person who would choose not to protect our citizens, in favor of a pretty building. A jail is a jail, so let us make it as safe as possible. If law enforcement says we need a fence, put up the fence. If security was not a problem, we could just put the inmates in a room at the Holiday Inn. I think I have heard it all now!

Ed Fricks


Jail should have razor wire fence


It's a jail, not a civic center, not an arts center, not a school campus. It is a jail. Jails should have razor wire fences around them. Jails need to be secure and look escape-proof, not look like someone's fenced-in backyard with a wrought-iron fence.

Ray Ward


Pro-choice women should be sterilized


I am a woman, a mother and a grandmother. I am anti-choice and this isn't about making a woman unequal. It is about saving babies' lives.

I think all women who believe in abortion and are still childbearing age should be sterilized and left unable to have children. We need to educate our "girl children " that abortion is murder. They need to take responsibility for their actions. If that means having a baby, so be it. There are many couples having to go to Third World countries to adopt while American babies are being murdered.

Glenda Turner


Red Cross' local campaign needs support


We are proud to live in such a caring community. Last year, so many of our friends and neighbors gave generous financial contributions to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to help the thousands of people displaced by hurricanes Katrina, Wilma and Rita.

While our local Red Cross chapter was very busy helping hurricane evacuees who had come to our community, the chapter was also continuing its daily business of helping local residents who were displaced because their homes burned. All the funds donated for hurricane relief were used exclusively for just that; none of those funds were used to help provide ongoing local services.

We are grateful for generous donations to United Way which fund 43 percent of local Red Cross services; the remaining 57 percent must be raised locally.

As co-chairs of the 2006 HEROES for American Red Cross Fundraising Campaign, we ask for our community to come together again. With a goal of $50,000, we need everyone's support to help fund ongoing local Red Cross services in Morgan and Lawrence counties. Our very brief campaign kicked off April 6 and ends April 28.

Please support HEROES volunteers when they call, or contact the Red Cross at 353-4891 to make a contribution.

James E. Fincher

Loretta G. Gilliam

Sam McMullen


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