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Political fight stymies growth


Once again our politicians have done a fine job of embarrassing us to the rest of the world. The drama between Stacy George et al., regardless of his lame excuses and political agendas, offer all the charm and drama needed for the Jerry Springer Show: makes for good gossip and media coverage.

The down side is Decatur and Morgan County have been trying to generate interest and new revenue sources by means of trying to attract new business to our area. New business generates operating revenue and allows for a more solid economy in our county and city.

The Chamber of Commerce has invested a hefty sum to entice BRAC companies and employees to Decatur. If Decatur is ever going to diversify its labor force and realize growth, we need to present more professionally to potential tax paying organizations.

As an executive technical recruiter, I, too, attempt to generate interest. All too often the impression left behind with these businesses is that incidents such as the power struggle between the commission and the sheriff's office and now an alleged sexual harassment event reinforces that backwoods "Dukes of Hazzard" style of politics.

What an insult to all that is good and decent in our community and a huge disservice to our citizens. Collectively we need to decide what we really want for Decatur: to maintain status quo with dysfunctional government or growth.

Maureen Redler


Private school students miss important lesson


Sure, Republicans under the leadership of Gov. Riley objected to the education budget and many of his followers have withdrawn their children from the public school system. Now they're crying that they have to pay taxes and why should their children be denied participation in the public school system's sports?

It's because the school is like the church. The school is the people. When you withdraw your children from the public school system, it's in essence saying it is not good enough for your child and you choose to home school or put your child in private school. You are withdrawing your confidence, your support, and your faith in the greatest investment in true democracy the world has ever seen.

Some of the most important lessons learned in public schools are in an environment of cultural diversity, that increasingly may be the most important of lessons learned.

Had the governor and the president had more respect for public education and diversity, Alabama and the United States might be more economically prosperous and the future of its citizens less tenuous.

Stewart Evans


Riley, Bush let down America's working class


The past couple of months in the local news, I saw Gov. Riley cut the opening ribbon on the new Wayne Farms plant in Decatur. I also heard Wayne Farms permitted thousands of their Alabama employees to work on Saturday so they could attend the demonstrations in favor of illegal immigrants the following Monday. And, I saw President Bush shaking hands with Gov. Riley at a recent function. These three news items got me to wondering about political contributions Conti Foods, the parent company of Wayne Farms, and other companies across America will be making to election funds for upcoming elections in 2006 and 2008.

American citizens and legal immigrants must go through a local temporary service to work at Wayne Farms. Immigrants simply apply at the human resources office at any Wayne Farms plant.

Ninety-five percent of the employees at the kill plant and sanitation crews at the three Decatur plants are immigrants. If Conti Foods has thousands of these immigrants employed at its plants in Alabama, how many does it employ throughout the United States in its various companies and how many are legal immigrants?

Our current administration in Washington has Americans being sent out the front door, willingly, to protect our lives and our way of life, while leaving both our back doors wide open with signs that say, "Enter here illegally," to pacify big-money interests. These interests pay little or no taxes. If you take credit accounts out of play, there are only two classes in America: the rich and those who must pay taxes. Those who must pay taxes are the low and middle income (usually both parents working), veterans, seniors and disabled Americans.

Stand up America. Vote.

Dianna L. Burns


Leaders failing American public


The United States is the land of the free and the home of the brave.

I am all for anyone who wants the best for their family, but do it the right and legal way. I was born in Decatur so that makes me a U.S. citizen. And the sad part about the situation is I still don't have rights to certain things.

The Mexicans jump the border, walk for miles in the sun. They do whatever it takes to get here, then pay no taxes, drive cars, hit your car, jump out and run. With an estimated 11 million undocumented migrant workers, not only is there a war in Iraq, there will be one in the states. How can they march and declare that they have the same, or more, rights to be a U.S. citizen when there has not been any legalization?

Hate activities have been directed against Hispanic places of worship. Their reply was, "Do not hate us. Get to know us." I remember we said the same words. God help us all.

It is sad we live in a time when a failure in leadership is immediately brought to our attention. Newspaper headlines and TV reports instantly tell us when a trusted leader has fallen. A president tries to cover up illegal activities. Congressmen and congresswomen are caught in scams. Business executives use confidential information for personal gain. The fact that God is just means that nobody ultimately gets away with any kind of evil. Wicked men may escape the justice of morals, but they can never escape the justice of God.

Dorothy Gordon


Benefit sale was a success


I praise God for giving us such a beautiful day on May 6 for our yard sale benefiting the Ricketts family. Thanks also to all the wonderful people who had a helping hand in making our sale such a great success. The lunch brought in to us was great.

Mary Davis


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