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Stop invasion of illegals — Build a wall


Between 1892 and 1924, 15 million immigrants arrived on Ellis Island and were processed and documented as legal citizens of the United States of America. Nowadays we have Mexicans jumping the border to come here by the thousands. The news media calls them illegal immigrants. I call them invaders.

There are an estimated 11 million undocumented invaders in this country. How do we know there aren't more? Many of these illegals/invaders are furnished with health care, driver licenses, social services and lend themselves out for cheap labor.

Two factors play a big part in this problem: unscrupulous employers who hire invaders for cheap labor and politicians who break the very laws they pass.

But, I will concede the point. I have nothing against anyone coming here for a better way of life, but why are they coming here illegally? Could it be that many of these border jumpers are murderers, thieves and perverts? We have enough of those types in America, without adding more.

One president helped tear down a wall. This president needs to build one.

Jimmy Robinson


Thanks for 16 years of music by the river


I'm glad the Monday night concerts I started 16 years ago are still available for music lovers to enjoy.

Thanks to Vickie Allaway, who offered to coordinate the concerts this year and, hopefully, for many years to come.

I want to thank the Decatur Music Club for coordinating the concerts last year. Bob Stephens and Haines Roberts did a great job, but for personal reasons had to turn it over to someone else.

Those of you who are regular goers to the Concerts by the River at Rhodes Ferry Park, please let Vickie know you appreciate her stepping up to the plate and seeing that the concerts continue for the good of our community.

I also want to thank Decatur Parks and Recreation, mainly Grady Tyler, for his kindness in naming the concerts after me. I am grateful and humbled by his decision to honor me.

Last, but certainly not least, I deeply appreciate THE DECATUR DAILY and employees Barry Sublett and Amy Pollick for all they did to promote the concerts.

Thanks to one and all for your interest and assistance.

Hooray for music! What would we do without it?

Paul Stroud


Sabotaging sign not way to win votes


For several months now, I have had a sign in my yard, advertising the superintendent candidate of my choice. Recently, my husband and I returned from a two-hour trip to town and our sign had been removed and was replaced with another candidate's sign. I may be mistaken, but I thought someone campaigning would have to ask my permission before placing something on my property.

I do not know if it was a prank someone pulled, or if someone helping this candidate put the new sign there. If this was a prank, the person who did it should realize that this is not the kind of thing that people think is cool or funny.

I do not want to falsely accuse someone who was helping the candidate, but if this is how the new sign got in my yard, I sincerely hope the candidate gets someone new to advertise for him, because sabotaging someone else's campaign is not the way to win votes.

Courtney Cocke


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