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Austin method of graduation is ridiculous


As a relative of two Austin graduates, I looked forward to their graduation day. They were busy ordering invitations, caps and gowns and making sure no one's name was left off the list to attend graduation. My dream of watching the graduates walk across the stage, of being part of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with a loved one, was shattered by the method Austin uses for graduation.

Austin allows each graduate only a certain number of tickets for guests. This year, each graduate received 11 tickets regardless of how many invitations were sent out to family and friends. If the school knew they would be using this method, why would they allow a student to purchase more than 11 invitations? If seating is the problem, why not use Ogle Stadium? They use it for football games, and graduation is much more important than a football game.

Eleven tickets! That puts the graduates in a bad position. The graduate has to decide who will receive a ticket. How can one decide?

If there is a divorce, then there is the mother, father, and maybe two step-parents. Of course, there are grandparents, if all four are living. This takes eight of the 11 tickets. What is a student to do when they have brothers and sisters?

Needless to say, Austin's method of graduation is ridiculous! I hope when my children are seniors, this method of "tickets" will be a nightmare of the past.

Can someone help Austin come up with a better solution for graduation?

Debra Henry


Immigration reform should start with security


I support immigration reform to control our borders as soon as possible. The first step includes a fence/wall, electronic surveillance and more border patrols, military if necessary.

The next step would be a Guest Worker Program whereby employers could sponsor guest workers for specific periods. After background investigations, illegals already here and their employers should be given a grace period of 18 months to apply under the guest worker program. After the grace period, employers and current illegal aliens who haven't applied for the guest program should be held accountable and the alien should be deported immediately without being eligible to return.

There should be no automatic citizenship as a result of the guest worker program for the workers or children born here. The worker should be required to learn English and all official government documents and driver's tests would be in English. Of course the quota for any country should not be expanded except as needed for hard to fill jobs that Americans won't fill.

Any guest worker convicted of a felony should be deported immediately after prison. Also, countries that don't extradite guests charged with murder or rape who slip back across the border should not be allowed to participate in the program. In Colorado several years ago, an illegal murdered an off duty policeman and two other people. He slipped back into Mexico. The Mexican government refused to extradite him because of the possibility of a death penalty.

Edwin R. Hyatt


Tax break would help families with school children


I read the May 23 article about Moulton being undecided about exempting the county tax on items for back to school. Mayor Alexander thinks it will be more trouble than it is worth.

Well, what if we Lawrence Countians decide to take our business to neighboring Morgan County when purchasing all our back to school items because they want to help us poor parents and grandparents with our kids' school purchases? We aren't all blessed with more money than expenses.

Glenda Turner


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