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SUNDAY, JUNE 11, 2006


Current Decatur leaders driving up city debt

I have lived in Decatur more than 30 years, and in my 30 years here, I have never seen so much wasteful spending that this present administration of alleged leaders has shown. They spend money left and right on "bond" issues.

A bond issue is not money we have, it's money anticipated in the future. This is money we will have to pay interest on. Why not put the council members' offices at the proposed vacated dog pound and put the engineering department in the courthouse where it belongs. Being a council member is a "part time" job and the engineering department is a full time job. Do they think they are too good to occupy a "dog pound office"? Are they afraid that the lingering smell will not suit them? The engineering department is a whole lot more important than the ones who waste money on their "pet projects."

Spending money on a bike trail when there is waste floating in citizens' yards after a hard rain is a lot more important. If the council members had garbage and waste floating in their yards, it is a sure bet they would do something about it. This bunch, except for two of them, are more incompetent than any we have ever had.

We thought the Fowler administration couldn't be any worse. Well, Mayor Fowler and his administration couldn't hold a candle to this bunch. We wanted a new government for a needed change. As my deceased mother told me a long time ago, "Be careful what you ask for — you just might get it." The three "bloc" votes and the spineless mayor will put this city in so much debt, you can bet on another tax increase in the future.

Aaron Potts


Neighbors helped answer man's prayer

I live in the Cove Creek Crossing subdivision in Priceville. On June 5, my 3-year-old grandson was not where he and our dogs had been playing five minutes before. After I looked around the house, I realized they were gone.

My wife and I began searching the area. I drove past an off-duty Priceville policeman and his wife and asked if they had seen a little boy with two dogs. Next thing I know, the officer is scouring the neighborhood, and his wife is walking through some pretty rough brambles, looking. As I continued to search, I encountered people I had never met who also live in that development. There were ladies with children running the roads in their vehicles and men pounding through the weeds in the woods and by the creek. Soon I noticed a Priceville police car and several men on radios.

I was panicking and praying that our grandson would be found safe. My wife and I looked on the other side of the creek when someone yelled that he had been found. When we got back to the house, there were probably 30 people from the neighborhood who had helped search. Our grandson followed the dogs across undeveloped land at the end of our street and was at Sunset Acres.

Little children can cover more ground than we think. I am thankful that God answered our prayers. My grandson will tell you he is Pawpaw's best buddy in the whole world. I don't know what I would do without him. I want to thank the Priceville Police Department — especially the officer who lives near us who notified everyone: the police department, the fire department, the ambulance service and our neighbors who stopped what they were doing and helped us. It meant a lot.

Alan Watkins


Warming 'An Inconvenient Truth'?

The science and environmental communities are to be commended for taking a sound allegory position on global warming.

James W. Ingram


No right to sue over botched abortion

I've seen some things that just don't add up. One is a woman trying to abort her baby and, after the abortion did not take, now being concerned with the health of the same baby.

Like I said, some things just do not add up.

Carlos L. Cook


Treaty with Mexico would cost millions

The majority of people do not know about the "totalization" agreement with Mexico.

It will cost Social Security millions of dollars for about 5 million illegals here in America, and will probably cost taxpayers millions more.

It pays illegals for work here in the United States. This would encourage illegals to keep coming.

This is a terrible treaty. It comes at a hard time for our Social Security financial troubles. It must be blocked by Congress by passing a special resolution.

Charles L. Lindsey


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