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SUNDAY, JULY 16, 2006


Focus on positive to improve future

Thank you so much for the positive article in the editorial section of THE DAILY on July 11. The accomplishments of our students, the faculty, and administration have long been the best-kept secret in our town. For years, as your editorial pointed out, Decatur schools have been excelling on a national level and we, as a community, have not publicly acknowledged it and have not promoted it as it deserves. Your article sets out more than 20 instances where our school system has either competed with, won and/or excelled when compared with other systems of varying sizes.

Hopefully this article will become the first of many published by your paper setting us on the path of recovering our pride in this city. We have allowed the naysayers and whiners the stage far too long. We've also allowed those who see the glass half-empty to hold the floor over those with vision and a desire to make full use of all we have to make this "the place" to be in the coming years.

You could give us at least one article a week in the coming months on what is really great here in Decatur/Morgan County. Tell us about our great two-year college, our arts and performing arts centers, our recreational facilities, our hospitals, our transportation access, the great new airport facilities (which are so near), our fantastic industrial base and our great location that is second to none.

Yes, we all know something about these great assets but we just need to be reminded and refreshed from time to time so that we are armed to spread our message to the world.

Norman Roby


Church-state opinion differs from columnist's

James L. Evans' July 8 column was one of the most eloquent arguments for an impotent and ineffective church and immoral culture that I have ever heard from a minister. According to him it's best when Christians have no influence on government or in society in general, but to only wimp along as "second stringers benched during the big game, watching it all from the sidelines." He believes that having Christians in leadership roles in government is of doubtful value, citing the case of Emperor Constantine of Rome who brought Christianity to the Roman Empire.

In fact it was the great tradition of Christian values in Rome and which subsequently influenced political thought and actions throughout Europe and the United States that enabled the development of democratic government as we know it today, which until recent history recognized the true God of the Bible and his moral law as the source of all of our liberties and the source of our laws. As a result our Christianity-based culture of the Western World has received the blessings of God in ways that Islam and the other false religions have not.

People like Mr. Evans don't want Christian leaders in government or the culture, believing they should be confined to passively "serving, healing souls and reconciling ... being ... where hurting people, the rejected, the despised and the lonely are found." In short, he believes the church should be outside the mainstream of government and society.

Maybe it would be enlightening for Mr. Evans to read the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution and the wealth of literature documenting that our government was based on Christian values.

Don't expect liberal ministers like James Evans to stand for Christian values in government, or against taking God out of our government, or taking Bible reading and prayer out of the schools, or standing against the murder of unborn babies.

I shudder to think about where this country, or the church, would be if we all took people like Mr. Evans seriously.

James R. Henderson


Evans unfit to be paper's religion columnist

The last paragraph of James L. Evans' July 1 article states, "And who knows, a real follower of Jesus might one day get elected. Wouldn't that be interesting?" To whom does Mr. Evans refer? Does he consider himself a "real follower of Jesus"? Should we look for leaders in Alabama who agree with Mr. Evans? A random poll at Wal-Mart can give you a fair sample of how many Alabamians agree with Mr. Evans.

How long did this paper have to search to find someone who thinks homosexuality is a non-issue? Who was on the search committee? If the intention is to provoke the readers of THE DECATUR DAILY to think in new ways, then why not have a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, etc. write on the religion page?

Mr. Evans does indeed have an opinion about religion. Lyndon LaRouche has an opinion about politics. The readers of THE DECATUR DAILY agree with both men on both subjects by about the same percentage.

Eric Drexil Holland


Left-wing kooks trying to destroy United States

I would call it a hidden agenda, but it's not hidden anymore. Political human rights groups (so many I can't name them all), the American Civil Liberties Union, the shadowy United Nations and yes, many elected officials across America are doing their best to turn this country into a socialist country.

People like John Kerry, Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy and numerous others want us to adopt a new lifestyle and throw away every traditional value we hold dear. These left-wing kooks support abortion, the desecration of the American flag, the breakdown of families and the abolishment of God.

One of our biggest enemies has become the United Nations. It probably always has been, but today it is more visible. They appease the very thugs who want to destroy America. The people who head up the U.N. looked mighty crestfallen when Saddam Hussein was captured and Al-Zarqawi was killed.

The left-wing kooks condone same-sex marriage and gay cowboys. John Wayne is still tossing and turning in his grave. Liberal judges slap the hands of child molesters and send them back out into society and many pastors wishy-wash the Bible to fit themselves and their congregations. They will condone anything as long as people are putting money in the bowl.

All of these people applaud as they file this under the caption "A better America." Their agenda is clear for society: conform to socialism, communism and become anti-American. If they succeed, we the folks can all say, "Bye, Bye American pie."

Jimmy Robinson


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