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Muslims have no loyalty to U.S.


The Aug. 20 column by Cal Thomas is verification of the letter I wrote several months back regarding the truth about Islam.

This should be a warning to those in our area who want to "cut and run" from Iraq. Basically, the whole concept of the insurgents in Iraq and their philosophy is taken from Islamic teachings.

The same is true in the United States. A few weeks back, a poll asked if the Muslim community regarded their loyalty to be to the U.S. or to Muslims. Some 90 percent said they were loyal to the teachings of Islam.

Now I appreciate anyone being loyal to their faith, but there comes a time when you "fish or cut bait." There is no teaching in God's Word that said we can't be a Christian and a good citizen, and that is what counts. If that poll is true, they should really examine their hearts as to their real loyalty. After all, they enjoy our benefits such as food stamps, free health clinics, etc., even though some are illegal.

You can be a good Muslim and a good citizen also, unless Cal Thomas' column is true.

Carlos L. Cook


Eliminate use of worthless penny


Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the penny.

Decatur could be the first city in the U.S. to do away with dealing with the one-cent piece. At supermarkets, the employees won't have to count pennies into the night. All the money counters at our churches will thank you for disposing of dirty old pennies.

The U.S. mint spends 1.23 cents to produce one penny. An estimated $10.5 billion in pennies sits idle in piggy banks, purses and stuck in sofa cushions. How much time annually do you spend in a checkout line while a cashier is counting pennies? Guess what? You have been rounding up or down on your income taxes for years. The government thinks it's a good idea.

Some people like pennies. A man in Auburn, Wash., has 700,000 in his garage. Now that makes good sense. Nobody even wants to steal them — too much trouble.

Sometime soon, a small city like Decatur will be the first to do away with the worthless penny. Wouldn't it be exciting if that city were Decatur?

Leo M. Spain


Government intrusion runs rampant here


It's strange how being elected or appointed can alter the competence of some individuals. It's far stranger that the majority of people does not raise its voice in protest, but most submit to these people like lambs being led to the slaughter. Things like this scare me more for the next generation than they do for myself.

Governmental intrusion is running wild in North Alabama. Our basic rights to live in our homes free from tyranny has been tossed aside, and our local governments are threading the needles of socialism, totalitarianism and fascism. Dictators like Stalin, Hitler, Musolini and Saddam Hussein either have died or have been overthrown, yet locally, the appearance of dictatorships is becoming evident.

Hartselle's planning commission is pondering a resolution "forcing" any new business to install lawn sprinklers. The businesses are already being told how they can decorate the store fronts, how many banners and signs they can display and what colors they can use on the outside of a business. Let's not forget the mandatory shrubs, gutters and curbing, either.

Decatur is just as bad as Hartselle. Its planning commission is "dictating" what a homeowner can and cannot use in his replacement of windows, and the City Council is in lockstep with the commission. The commission chairman showed his incompetence by stating that this homeowner "is there only for a short time." Either he's possibly a psychic, has a crystal ball or may be simply dumb, for it's quite possible that this home could stay in this family for centuries.

As I have quoted before, Plato once said, "Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber." There is a remedy: "Fire them all."

Mike Dowdy


Traffic safety important in all neighborhoods


I am writing concerning the speed of vehicles on my residential street.

I live in the 2400 block of Duncansby Drive Southwest. I have noticed that there will soon be a new four-way stop sign in another block of my street, where there are already two speed humps and another four-way stop sign, within approximately 100 feet. I have to wonder why that block is able to receive so many methods of slowing traffic and ours is not.

I have written to the city engineer before concerning this issue. I was told there was not enough traffic speeding through here to validate having a second speed hump on our block. There are several families with small children on this block. All it takes is one speeding vehicle to end one of their lives.

I am very disappointed that one end of a street is so much better protected than another. If the city needs a petition of neighbors' signatures on this block who agree with me, I will be happy to oblige.

Diana Ballentine


Lack of courtesy unprofessional


What has happened to professionalism?

Recently I had an appointment with a dog groomer, made weeks in advance. The day of the appointment I loaded my three dogs in the car and drove the 20 miles there. I was to drop them off on my way to work and pick them up again when I got off work.

Imagine my surprise when I got there to find the establishment on Danville Road closed with a note on the door. The note apologized for not contacting everyone, but they were closed until June 9. I then had to call my employer, informing her I would be late, and drive 20 miles back home. Due to their negligence, I lost 1.5 hours' wages and drove an extra 40 miles. Gas is not cheap.

I did not receive a call or a letter informing me of the cancellation of my appointment. My contact information is kept on file in case of emergencies. I had been called in the past when something happened, such as when dogs were through early or were going to take longer than anticipated.

The barbershop next door informed me the groomer had been closed since the Friday before Memorial Day. This was Tuesday, June 4.

I have been a client of this groomer for five years. I sent the owner a letter asking her why I wasn't informed of the cancellation. Her response? A voice mail informing me she no longer considered me a client and had cancelled the next appointment for three other dogs I own. Very professional, I must say.

Any groomers out there want six new dogs to groom?

Sherry Doss


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