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Commissioner a drag on local Republicans

Stacy George is blowing things out of proportion again. I wonder if someone said to Stacy George, "Good morning. How are things today?" if he could blow it up to five columns in THE DAILY?

His ego must be so big that he would have difficulty getting through the standard rooms in the courthouse. He and his attitude are drags on the Republican Party in the local area. He should crawl back under the rock he came out from under and hide his face. Better yet, he should move to some other state and join the Democratic Party, except they wouldn't have him.

The people I have talked to are tired of his mouth.

Jim Anders


Cell phones would enhance student safety

It is gratifying to see people finally take off their blinders regarding the safety of Hartselle City Schools. Former school board Chairman Ron Abercrombie has proposed a new and improved safety hotline for our students' use in reporting problems and safety concerns. While this might be an effective safeguard against violence in our schools, effective implementation of it would necessitate immediate access to telephones for our students.

Currently, cell phones are prohibited in our schools (Code of Conduct, p. 56, section 2.18). Some parents, including me, have lobbied for a change in this policy for some time. Unfortunately, we have received little or no support, even from people who are now openly concerned about school safety.

While I do believe our administrators' assertions that the safety of our students is paramount to them, their limitations in a life-threatening situation should not be underestimated. Given the increase in school violence nationwide, there are no viable reasons why our students should be prohibited from access to help if needed.

Our children have the right to learn in safety, and it is our responsibility as parents to fight for that right on whatever level is necessary. I would encourage anyone who supports Mr. Abercrombie's plan to also consider the advantages of allowing our children to legally possess cell phones in school for emergencies. If we are truly concerned about the safety of our children in Hartselle City Schools, we should utilize every resource to protect them.

I hope to see more parents take a stand on this issue and to work proactively for the benefit of our children.

Pamela A. Ramey


Shula poll is shameless

Even though I am an Auburn fan, I find your online poll "Is it time for Shula to go?" shameless.

Lets put the shoe on the other foot and have an opinion poll that reads "Is it time for the Sheltons to go?" That may have an interesting outcome.

Chuck Browning


Sponsors and volunteers made Fiddlers fun

The 40th annual Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention was a huge success this year. We enjoyed our largest Friday night crowd ever, with the entertainment of Mike Snider and his strong band. It was great to see so many people on the Athens State University campus enjoying a weekend of music and fun.

Several organizations played a vital role in making the convention a success, particularly its sponsors: The Athens State University Foundation and the Athens-Limestone Chamber of Commerce. Special thanks also go out to Cub Scout Packs 24, 25, 221 and 236; Boy Scout Troops 21, 24 and 221; Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful; Athens-Limestone Ambulance Service and the Athens Police Department for hours of volunteer service. Many thanks to local resident and Athens State faculty and staff who gave their time.

Thank you to Athens, Limestone County and North Alabama for supporting the convention and Athens State University.

Rick Mould


Calhoun program good investment in community

I recently reviewed an article in your newspaper titled "Knowledge meets fun in Calhoun's Community Education Classes" that was written by Danielle Komis. First let me say thank you to your newspaper and its staff for making me aware of this program that Calhoun is offering.

Like many, whenever I think about a college, I tend to conjure up images of just the academic classes such as English, math, physics, and Western civilization. The fact that Calhoun has put forth the effort and dedicated some of its best people and resources to offer the community education classes such as digital photography and upholstery proves that they are indeed a "community" college and not just another government bureaucracy. Also, it's great to see some of our state's money reinvested close to home with a great program such as this.

I visited the college's web site to learn more about the Community Education program. Trust me; there is a Community Education class that's right for everybody.

I think that the college is making a very smart investment with both its educational services as well as the community with this program.

Bob Baudendistel


Women (like Lucy) better than men (like Bob)

Where has Gov. Bob Riley been? Not in the 21st century. Doesn't he know that women can do anything they put their minds to? Even better than most men. I say hats off to the lady steel manager.

And hats off to Lucy Baxley. I know she can do a better job than he has done this last four years.

Thanks for letting me put my two cents in.

Betty Benefield


Gov. Riley's comments redux

I am writing concerning Gov. Bob Riley's comments during the Nucor Steel groundbreaking. (article published Oct. 6). I am appalled that the governor of Alabama could be so blatantly sexist in his comments regarding the manager of Nucor. So, a pretty woman doesn't "look right" running a steel mill? His inference was that pretty women would do so much better somewhere else, and that only a man should be doing that job. Shame on you, Gov. Riley. This is the 21st century and you should know better.

Gov. Riley has inserted both feet into his mouth with that comment, and I hope that on Election Day, women will vote him and his sexist comments right out of office.

Cyndia Montgomery


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