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Election ads about Arthur Orr were deceptive

As someone who has known the Orr family for more than 30 years and knows what a caring family they are, I’m appalled at the way they were attacked in political ads. It has caused me to lose respect for Probate Judge Bobby Day.

I’ve known Arthur Orr for most of his life and I count it a privilege. He is one of the finest young men you will ever meet.

Arthur doesn’t need to lie, beat and cheat. He is more than capable of earning a godly living. I only wish we had a lot more like him.

Dolores S. Boyles


School board’s punishment for teacher too lax

This letter is in response to the articles in the Oct. 25 and 26 editions in which a Priceville educator was moved to the Morgan County central office.

I taught in the Morgan County system for 11 years and this type of action is commonplace. I personally remember times when educators became ineffective or were accused of some type of misconduct and a position came open at the central office.

Board member Carolyn Wallace was quoted as saying, “I think Verchot needs some stress removed, so he can go back to being a productive person.” I say, “Wake up Carolyn!” Many teachers are stressed to unbelievable proportions. Are you going to offer or create them a nice lower-stress job at the central office or do they have to be accused of misconduct first?

If Richard Verchot or any staff member is stressed and it causes that person to participate in or allow a behavior he/she knows to be unfit for children, then maybe the Morgan County school board should offer him/her a year’s unpaid leave of absence to explore new and different career options.

The school board is sending the wrong message. I do hope, with a new superintendent coming into office, this type of favoritism and good ol’ boy conduct will stop. All employees of the Morgan County school system deserve equal and fair treatment. I personally would like to and hope to see changes in the future.

Nancy Hardin


Woman should not defend her son’s behavior

As a friend of the Cannon family, I would like to say that, as a mother, I can sympathize with Mrs. Miller in that our hopes and dreams lie in our children and it must be hard to see your child in such a situation (“Mother: Teen has history of abuse,” Oct. 20). But, as a friend of the family of the victim I would hope if my child were to commit such a horrible act, I would not try to explain away the reasons why he is not responsible.

I’m the mother of a 10-year-old who knows that stealing and murder are wrong. I would hope I would not face that family in court and, without any apologies, try to free my son from a lifetime in prison. If he were as troubled as she and the defense lawyers claim, wouldn’t you want your son in prison, where he could no longer harm anyone else?

One of the saddest parts in all of this is that Cole Cannon has a new daughter-in-law whom he never got to meet and he has two grandchildren on the way who will never know their grandfather. A son and two daughters have lost a father and will have to live with the memory of his horrible death for the rest of their lives.

No one wins, no matter what the verdict. A father is gone forever and two mothers have lost their sons. I only hope the verdict provides closure to everyone involved.

Jamie Johnson

Lacey’s Spring

Speed endangers students as well as other drivers

One morning when I returned from my daily morning trip to Austin High School to drop off my son, I was as angry as I’ve been in a long time. I am sick and tired of being tailgated, honked at, passed and having obscenities shouted at me because I am driving the posted speed limit in a school zone.

On that morning, two head-on collisions were avoided by alert drivers because there was an idiot in the turning lane passing cars. I was one of the two who avoided a head-on. After dropping off my son, I was driving down Westmead toward Danville Road. I’d stopped, as a courtesy, to let a couple cars out of the parking lot and was passed by an SUV that almost collided with one of the cars leaving the parking lot.

I’ve had students honk at me after school and then speed past me, squealing their tires the whole way. Cars scream up and down Westmead during these slower-speed-limit times while children are trying to cross the street, either arriving at school or leaving school. Is it going to take one of them being killed or seriously injured before anything is done? Students who drive this way ought to have their driving privileges revoked for a period of time.

There ought to be serious fines for people who speed in these zones. I’m not talking about 5 miles over the limit. These people are driving faster than the normal-hours speed limit. I’m sick of it. I realize our police department is limited to a number of patrols, but something has to be done here. Someone’s going to get hurt. The laws are for all of us. You are not above the law anymore than I am. Slow down.

K. McDaniel


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