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U.S. government’s policy on immigration too lax

To The Daily:

The Dutch government has its priorities straight where immigration is concerned. People who want to move to Holland must first prove themselves worthy. They must prove they will not be a burden to the Dutch citizens.

Potential immigrants to Holland must prove they can support themselves financially and must have an annual income equal to about $40,000 in U.S. dollars. This probably curtails the need for social services, such as those that illegal aliens in America abuse to a perverse extreme. At a cost to the potential immigrant, an integration class must also be successfully passed in Holland.

If a potential immigrant is not from a country in the European Union, he or she must complete the class in his or her country of origin before setting foot on Dutch soil. In the United States, where we offer free English language and acculturation classes, many immigrants scream “discrimination” and “racism” after self-imposed linguistic and cultural isolation cause them to be regarded in a not-so-positive light by many native-born Americans.

After arrival in Holland, the newcomer must report back to authorities after six months to monitor the integration process into the Dutch lifestyle, with fines being imposed otherwise.

Rental contracts can be dissolved if there is indication that landlords have rented to people who are not in Holland legally. Employers of illegal aliens in Holland pay fines equal to about $3,000 in U.S. dollars per illegal employee, and may be subject to retroactive fines if the alien has been working six or more months.

The Dutch government clearly cares about the sovereignty of its country and the well being of its citizens, not about whether it is politically correct.

Our government, Democrats and Republicans alike, could take a lesson from that.

Carmen Callahan

Danville fans appreciate help getting lights

To The Daily:

The Danville Football Booster Club would like to say thank you to Bruce Kimbrell for his help in getting our new lights at Smith-Owens Football Stadium.

This has been a great need for the Danville football program for quite awhile.

Attempts had been made in the past to get someone to discuss new lights at Danville. Mr. Kimbrell took time to come to our meeting and discuss this with us.

As he found out new information, he returned and reported to us. He did this on his personal time, since we meet Sunday afternoons.

Once again, we would like to say thank you to Mr. Kimbrell for taking time, not only to address our need at Danville, but also for following it through.

Our season has been long, but at least we have been able to see our children play

Willis Blevins
President, Danville Football Booster Club

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