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President's name-calling, ineptitude disgraceful; Americans deserve better

To The Daily: President Bush uses name-calling against those who oppose his policies. The term "cut and run" comes to mind. Bush knows about cutting and running. How else does one describe Bush's refusal to take his flight physical for Vietnam? Today, there is no number of Americans killed and maimed, their families affected, that will persuade me of Mr. Bush's wisdom and valor.

He says folks like me are weak on terror. Heck, what does Mr. Bush know? I'm no different on terror than anybody else. I especially care about terror in the private lives of citizens throughout our country and throughout our world fed by impulse and reaction, ineptness, callousness, disregard and close-mindedness, fear, deceit and hypocrisy of those in Washington whose actions do nothing but add to suffering.

President Bush and those who think like him would tell me whom to fear. I think not. Matthew 10:28 tells me whom to fear.

Nor do I believe America has to settle for those whose vision of a secure America is a two-tier fence from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico.

America and our world deserve better.

Mack Vann


Uplifting story great way to start day

To The Daily: Thank you, Decatur Daily, for a beautiful, touching and uplifting story.

I start each day with a look at the online edition of The Decatur Daily. Many times I come away with a sense of sadness after reading the news.

However, today I am coming away with a tear of happiness and a smile. I was touched by Shirley and LeVar Morrows' story (Nov. 2).

Mrs. Morrow and her son and their entire family are truly blessed.

What a great way to start my day.

Terri Slizewski


State should ban winter utility shut-off

To The Daily: I read your article on Betty McCarley and was surprised to find that Alabama does not have a law that prevents utilities from being shut down during winter months.

I live in Wisconsin (Alabama is my home state), and utilities cannot be shut off in Wisconsin from October through April. There is also assistance for those unable to pay utility bills.

I do hope The Daily continues to follow-up on this situation.

We so quickly forget those who help build our country, the country that we so freely enjoy.

I realize that there are many who need help; nevertheless, I believe that Alabama needs a law where the state fines any utility company that cuts off utilities, i.e., heat, electric and heating fuels, during winter months.

Thank you for providing up-to-the-minute news.

Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree

Sun Prairie, Wis.

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