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City government in chaos; changes are needed now

To The Daily: The people of Decatur need a change in local government. The police chief needs to be run out of town for dereliction of duty.

The do-nothing mayor has an excuse for every lawbreaker in the city, including any police officer who decides not to abide by the laws he was sworn to enforce. An incompetent shift commander has no knowledge of the city ordinances. It is total chaos.

When the mayor makes excuses for a police officer not doing his duty; when a city employee in the street department is unable to communicate with the community; when they waste money on a dog pound that is not needed; when people are flushing their toilets into an open ditch while paying city taxes; when they borrow money to rebuild firehouses when others need a local firehouse; when they borrow money to rebuild "bike trails" while others in the city do not have city water service; when they run businesses out of town and give special treatment to certain sections of town while others beg for services; Decatur, just how blind are we?

Our money is being wasted. We are being put deeper in debt for frivolous things that are not needed. The police department has no leadership. The mayor and City Council have no concept of obligations to the ones who are paying their salaries every year. We don't need to wait until election time to have a change in the works of Decatur government. We need it now.

Anyone who votes for the same thing we have now is either deaf, mute or blind.

Aaron Potts


Glasscock should be fired for e-mail

To The Daily: I am outraged, as I'm sure many others are about the transmitting of porn pictures on county computers. We all know that if a private citizen were caught sending porn, the computers would be seized, the offender arrested and jailed.

The problem is that this happened at the highest echelon of our county government.

John Glasscock should have handled this in-house, but he didn't. Rather, he compounded the offense by forwarding the trash to the mayor and who knows whom else.

I respect Mayor Don Kyle for his handling of this, in that he directed Mr. Glasscock to "never send anything like this to my computer."

The mayor, however, has no authority to reprimand or dismiss the chairman of the County Commission.

My question is: Who can call for the resignation of the chairman?

He should be terminated, as should all others under his domain who are a party to this dastardly deed.

Harry C. Holmes Jr.


Low-cost housing found in The Daily

To The Daily: A few weeks ago I sat down to read the Sunday paper. In it was a story about low-income apartments for older people. I called around and now I have a new home and new friends. We play bingo and have parties. Some residents even have pets and it is cheaper to live here.

Thank you for printing this story about low-cost housing for older people.

Sylvia Atkins


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