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Added to Somerville against her wishes

To The Daily: On Nov. 9, a letter was hand delivered to my place of business by the Somerville Police Department. This letter was dated Oct. 16.

The letter was to inform me that I am now in the police jurisdiction of Somerville and I have to buy a business license and pay sales tax to Somerville. The letter also stated that we now have fire and police protection from Somerville. We had fire and police protection before this action was taken. This action reminds me of things that would go on in an autocratic country, not a democratic country. Forcing one’s beliefs, laws and rules on others is supposed to be illegal in this country.

Somerville needs to clean up its own town before it starts taking on the task of trying to take in other businesses. We do not want to be in the city of Somerville, nor in their police jurisdiction. If other people want to financially support Somerville, that is their choice, but we were not given a choice, so why are we being forced into something we do not need, nor want? Somerville wants this area because it is building up faster than its town. The city wants our money to finance its own agenda, and being a self-employed business owner, I can put my money to better use in my own business.

Somerville’s promise of a sewer system does not sway my decision one way or the other. I have not seen anything to convince me that there will be a sewer system. The chance of a sewer system being installed in my area within the next 10 years does not look promising.

Deboarah L. Cofield


Walgreen’s project could cost jobs, hurt business

To The Daily: Once again, in the name of progress, far-reaching matters exist. A sealed deal with Walgreen’s says one will be built at the corner of U.S. 31 and Alabama 36 in Hartselle. The problems are the elimination of a median strip that serves as a crossover to six businesses. One is Tankersley’s Service Station, a 50-plus-year-old establishment.

There are many senior citizens who use this service station — it’s a big help to them. However, this new store will have top priority over all else.

Walgreen’s is a drugstore. We already have seven drugstores in Hartselle. Why do we need another one?

The mayor, City Council and Planning Commission had no forethought or consideration toward the old establishments when they approved this plan. Without a crossover on U.S. 31 to these places, there could be a bunch of people unemployed because of this plan. Out with the old, in with the new. It sounds arrogant to me, on their part.

Has this city become so elite they think we don’t need a service station in Hartselle anymore?

Progress means going forward, not backward.

Jimmy Robinson


Appreciates Daily’s election coverage

To The Daily: Now the election dust has settled, I would like to commend the editorial/political coverage staff of The Decatur Daily. As an average voter, so much of what I saw in the way of election news was just advertisements and short news articles filled with standard answers to standard questions. This information kind of left you out of the loop unless you happened to know a candidate personally. Since the only candidate I knew was a gentleman with whom I carried the Olympic Torch through Decatur more than 10 years ago, I was seeking some guidance.

I was interested in the section of the editorial page each day which listed the candidate The Daily thought would be the most effective choice in each race.

One thing I liked was the apparent lack of party preference that was displayed. You recommended members of both parties and wrote why you selected each candidate.

Now, as a reader, I had some information to evaluate that was researched and seemed to be well-reasoned. Some of the time I agreed with your evaluation and sometimes I did not, but it was most helpful to have a reliable source available to compare thoughts.

Your ongoing compilation of these articles on your Web site was most helpful also.

Dr. Randal A. Ray


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