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Dems should seek neither revenge nor presidency

To The Daily: Democrats control both houses of Congress. Now there's an unpleasant part of me that wants payback, an indictment for crimes I believe real, committed by a president who subverted the Constitution, sneered at decency, rule of law and honesty, all the while complaining loudly how traitorous were those who opposed him.

But I hope Democrats don't waste any time on revenge. Oh, there must be accountability for the lack of WMDs, Hurricane Katrina, Abu Ghraib, Halliburton and the billions for Iraqi reconstruction that have simply disappeared. And genuine Congressional reform is needed. Anything more is wasted effort. Impeachment would result, like the Clinton debacle, in being purely symbolic, and would ultimately backfire.

History will judge W. And in that court, no amount of swaggering, smirking arrogance will affect the judgment. Less than a generation may pass before the names of Bush, Cheney, Rove, etc., will be blackened and charred in the history books. The jury won't have to deliberate long, and there will be no suggestion that they ever be "rehabilitated," Nixon-like, some years down the road. Nixon at least had China to point to. Bush has nothing but repeated disasters.

The Democrats should use their new clout wisely. Take positive steps. And above all, don't try to maneuver for the 2008 presidency. No, I want a moderate Republican in 2008. Because that guy is a one-termer. Like vultures, everything will come home to roost: the deficit, Medicare, Iraq, Korea, Iran. Let them inherit their own mess. Keep the Congress blue, let the Republicans provide the point man to take the heat. The mess is too wide and too deep, only a fool would want the job at this juncture in history.

Give it to Sen. John McCain. Serves him right for not standing up for what is right when he had the chance.

Chuck Puckett


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