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George needs to tackle county’s real problems

To The Daily: Ever since Commissioner Stacy George has been in office, he has “grandstanded” on just about everything. A couple of weeks ago he contacted The Daily about county workers getting on a news forum. I could understand if they were getting on obscene sites, but a news site? Now he’s crusading against those in an inappropriate way.

Why couldn’t that issue have been handled internally? Why did he need to contact The Daily about things like that and make a big deal if nothing illegal is going on? Is Mr. George saying he has never used the Internet for personal reasons while on company time? I am not naive enough to believe he has not. Mr. George denies it, but it sure looks like he is motivated by personal reasons, or he just likes to get on power trips. It doesn’t surprise me he may be a little paranoid about enemies, with all of his antics he has pulled in the past when he does not agree with a county official.

I suggest Mr. George stops wasting taxpayer time and money by conducting his own personal vendettas and try accomplishing something that actually may serve the citizens of Morgan County. I can think of better ways my tax dollars can be spent rather than paying some outside firm to do an “investigation” of a series of e-mails that were circulating the county offices. Can he try to do something constructive for a change instead of just being critical of others? Usually when somebody is criticizing all the time, like Mr. George seems to do, it means they have no answers to the problem themselves or else they are trying to deflect attention away from themselves. Mr. George, it is time to get off the playground and join the adults.

Craig Stover

Treat immigrants with respect, not hypocrisy

To The Daily: I am troubled, humiliated and somewhat disgraced by the negative report of Nov. 14 on page A8 of The Daily.

I work for a wonderful Hispanic family, and yes, if you were wondering, I am white and am also a Christian. I live in one of the most beautiful parts of Decatur, surrounded by many churches and am reminded of a song I sang as a child: “Jesus loves the little children … red and yellow, black and white … Jesus loves the little children of the world.” I am wondering if all of Decatur may need to go back in time long enough to remember “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Yes, Mexico is a neighbor, and a much closer one than Iraq or Iran. If we treat people with this kind of disrespect, you know the churches around us we need to use Sunday morning and go out on Monday practicing what we heard in the sermon. As far as my employer, this decent group of people is hard-working, honest and fair. We are all treated well and they have a lot to teach people about family loyalty. By the way: It is impossible for 200 to 300 people to live in a house. Food for thought.

Ignorance is the same as speaking about something you know nothing about.

I gladly welcome the Hispanic community with the Christian love they all deserve.

Look at the Statue of Liberty. We are a home to immigrants. We are all here because of immigration in some way. I’ll dare the few to stand up and say others have no right to be here.

If you really practice the rest of the week what you preach on Sunday, then open your hearts and shut your mouths.

Vivian Wilson

DHR actions against local Hispanic family alarming

To The Daily: I am concerned, along with many others, about not only the short-term, but also about the long-term implications of our fast-growing Hispanic population. However, if the article in your Nov. 17 edition accurately reported the situation concerning the Hispanic couple and their six children, I am deeply offended at the way this family is being treated.

First, to have strange adults go to the school and remove the 6-year-old boy from his class in order to question him surely frightened the child. Then to take the children away, place them in non-Spanish-speaking foster homes and deny the parents visitation rights is cruel to say the least.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances that the public is unaware of, I maintain the Department of Human Resources should return the children to their parents immediately.

Marion J. Scott

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