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Secrecy doesn’t build support for school tax

To The Daily: Why would Hartselle school board and the superintendent openly admit that they want to avoid Alabama’s “open meeting law” in interviewing applicants for the position of “custodian of funds?” Why would the board even think of allowing the superintendent to be present during the interview process? Is there something they wish to hide from the public? Why the secrecy?

Why is it the talk around Hartselle that the position for the custodian of funds has already been named behind closed doors? Why is it that only two of the five board members will participate in the interview process? Either we have three members of the board who are stone cold lazy and do not want to waste their time to interview or, quite possibly, this maneuver is simply a smoke screen.

These people on the school board and the City Council want the homeowners and the business owners to dig deeper into our wallets and build a new high school, all the while not being open with their actions. The highly questionable open meeting that was staged at the civic center was orchestrated to make a good showing of support for the property tax proponents. If that’s all the support they have, then they have an uphill battle ahead of them.

Hartselle has rejected a property-tax increase on several occasions, and I hope and pray it will fail again. Many people are still upset regarding possible ethical and legal issues that are still left unsettled, along with all the discrepancies regarding sports. Many people have stated that as long as one person in particular is in position at the high school, they will vote against any method of funding a new high school. I wholeheartedly concur.

Mike Dowdy


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