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Find a better way to select state's judges

To The Daily: Sue Bell Cobb thinks we should have "non-partisan" elections for judges in Alabama. I have a better idea. Let's abolish the election of judges at any level. There are a number of reasons for doing so.

It is a terrible waste of time, money and resources to force judges to put their work aside every so many years and run for office. Forcing them into the political process virtually assures they will either have to get down into the mud or risk losing their livelihoods. The fact that they must run under the banner of a party means they will become friends with some and enemies with others. One can only hope this state of affairs ceases on election night. This process also means they become debtors, literally, to many. The thought of standing before a judge who may owe even a debt of gratitude to your opponent is hardly conducive to confidence in the justice system.

As a newcomer to Alabama, I found it extremely difficult to make a choice in the race in which Sue Bell Cobb was involved. Even the positive ads offered little basis for judging either candidate's qualifications to be our state's highest judicial officer. The negative ads convinced me finally that neither candidate would bring the honor it deserves to this high office.

Our nation's founders envisioned a government with separation of powers among its three branches. I believe it was their intent that the judicial branch would always be above the prejudices engendered by politics. Our current system in Alabama goes against the grain of their intentions. We can find a better way.

Jerry Riding


Pay illegals fair wage, let them pay taxes

To The Daily: The U.S. tax dollars are paying for illegal aliens' schools, health services, protection, legal services and criminal incarceration. It is not good for us to bear this expense in order for our companies to get cheap labor.

Our U.S. government should make the companies pay minimum wages for all illegal workers, so they could provide for all the benefits they are receiving free at this time. The illegal workers should pay the same taxes as our minimum-wage people and higher-salaried people.

The businesses that are using illegal immigrants should raise the prices of their products to pay the increased production costs. The illegals should pay the same taxes our people pay. The consumer of the product would pay more for the products they buy and that is the way it should be. Only 10 percent of the increased product cost would hurt our poor people. About 80 percent of the increased product cost would be consumed by people able to pay the higher price.

The illegal who wants to become a legal American should be required to learn the English language and be required to live exactly by our Constitution.

Congress should never pass another illegal voucher-type law in order to make it possible for our politicians to get a block vote from any religious group in America. The leaders of our churches should not tell their members who they should vote for.

We should bring some of our military people home to reclaim their jobs and pay our poor people a good salary to do the work the immigrants are now doing.

Sam J. McClure


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