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Redesigning newspaper, power distribution system

To The Daily: I have a couple of subjects. First, I don't like the new paper format. It used to be unique. Now it looks like everyone else's.

It has been my idea for a long time that utility lines should be run in a conduit cable underground. Connections would be in junction boxes about the size of a large washing machine, or up to a refrigerator. Of course, their initial cost may be more than the present system, but cheaper in the long run. How much does a utility pole cost? Think of the savings in cost there could have been in the Midwest — I think it was St. Louis — a few days ago.

No lines would have been down and people would have been warm in their homes. Workplaces and schools would have also been open.

It's hard to believe that engineers haven't figured this out.

Carver Gordon


Truth can be found right in front of our faces

To The Daily: I read the article about Dr. Laj Utreja's search for truth (Oct. 26 Daily). I don't want to be unkind, but the doctor could have saved himself thousands of miles and thousands of dollars if he had read John 14:16. He might be one of those who reject Jesus as the Son of God. Again, if he had read Acts 4:12, where the Apostle Paul made very clear the truth about Jesus' claims as to his position (truth) as the Son of God and our responsibility to the claims of God.

It is so easy, if anyone is serious, to find real truth as to our search for truth, simply by reading and believing as we study God's Word.

Carlos L. Cook


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