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Use common sense, end electronic witch hunt now

To The Daily: At what point are the people of Morgan County going to stand up and say enough of the Morgan County Commission wasting tax payer time and money trying to find possible pornographic e-mails and putting sensitive information in the hands of outsiders who could easily let that information get into the wrong hands? In this day of identity theft, our information gets into the wrong hands easily enough without handing it to unprotected sources.

They dismissed Jack Underwood. The Big White Elephant in the room is Commission Chairman John Glasscock. So why is every other computer being inspected when they know which computer holds at least some e-mails of questionable subjects?

I think it is interesting that Stacy George cites how some officials had no problem handing hard drives over, while others did, suggests possible guilt. It made me wonder if the ones that turned over hard drives with no problem even considered their constituents and sensitivity of the information of the people they represented and have in those computers.

If e-mail is the problem and they checked the e-mail server and didn't find any smoking guns (or maybe they did), deal with that. Checking hard drives hoping to find something else is getting a bit ridiculous. How about dealing with the one computer whose e-mail proved to have suggestive pictures and just checking the string to see who got it, then enforcing e-mail restrictions from there. I realize the commission can't fire an elected official, but we the people can. In fact, we can fire all of them.

Enough is enough. No one is proving anything with this witch hunt except how stupid politicians can be at times.

Carol Coffey

Lacey's Spring

Bartlett, Scott should turn over hard drives

To The Daily: I am writing in response to the story in which Revenue Commissioner Amanda Scott and Sheriff Greg Bartlett denied access to their hard drives.

Those are the property of Morgan County.

I think if these two individuals do not allow the investigation to look at the hard drives from the computers they use by hiding them, then they should be charged with theft of county property.

I feel that if Morgan County wants to investigate the use of their computers by examining the hard drives, there should be no contest from anyone.

Terry Turner


Three officials act guilty

To The Daily: Sheriff Greg Bartlett, Revenue Commissioner Amanda Scott and Probate Judge Bobby Day act guilty, whether they are or not.

Why are they allowed to be such elitists?

Bobbie Johnson


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