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Hartselle officials have their priorities mixed up

To The Daily: During my life, I have heard politicians and elected persons say some really stupid things. I actually thought I had heard about everything. That is, until I read The Daily article “Need for fire truck causing division,” that ran Dec. 14.

Our mayor, and reportedly the majority of the City Council, have publicly stated that getting sewer to one of the most expensive properties in Morgan County had a higher priority than our fire department. Not only that, our mayor thinks an hour is nothing regarding fire departments and the ability to get to and actually fight a fire.

An hour. The critical hour that’s the most important whether it’s medical, investigative or fighting fires. This is the hour where you can either fight the fire or have the fire fight you.

You can easily tell that neither of these people have ever been involved in fighting fires, or they would not expose their ignorance publicly. One can tell none of these people has ever had the non-pleasure of viewing and removing a burned body
from a fire. It’s something you will never forget.

The land they hold a higher priority over the fire department is simply their problem. It was ill-advised, too expensive and quite unnecessary. In essence, they bit off far more than they can chew, or in this case, sell. Nobody in his right mind would spend approximately $200,000 an acre for this property.

For years, our fire department has played second fiddle to the other governmental departments in Hartselle. If it weren’t for this, in my opinion, incompetent bunch of spendthrift elected people, we wouldn’t be having any problems.

Passing a “deficit” budget, forming a garbage department and buying some expensive property are perfect examples why Alabama needs a recall law.

Mike Dowdy


More on the digital divide

To The Daily: How much of the taxpayer’s money has been blown so far on this hunt for “racy e-mails”?

This is ridiculous and, well, Medieval at best. You should stop “reporting” on this nonsense and stick to some real news.

Armando de Quesada


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