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Hats are accessories, not threats to safety

To The Daily: I think the hat ban is wrong. First of all, how do these principals have the right to tell people what they can or cannot wear? Even the government does not have a right to do that. So, the hat ban should be considered illegal, also.

Iím from Chicago, so the weather in Decatur is not cold, in my opinion. In my opinion, the hats are more of a fashion accessory and how can these principals tell people what is and is not a proper fashion accessory? How does wearing or not wearing a hat determine your safety?

Whatís next — a ban on tight pants? Yes, I think so, because tight pants restrict the blood flow in your legs. Give me a break.

Also, the notion that wearing a hat indoors is rude or impolite is subjective at best. That is strictly a matter of opinion. If wearing a hat compromises your safety, then maybe Mayor Don Kyle should ban wearing hats in Decatur at all times. I know that gang members wear hats and that different gangs wear them tilted at different angles. However, these gang members most likely know members of their gangs or opposing gangs, so banning of the hats doesnít affect safety.

If they are going to fight each other, they are not going to do it because of hats. Different gangs also wear different colors of clothes. The safety in schools happening at the same time is nothing more than a coincidence.

The principals should focus more on making sure no student brings a weapon to school. Also, school academics are something they should focus on. Iím sure some students are complaining if you really listen.

Paul McClung


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