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George trying to keep county officials honest

To The Daily: I hope I never hear another taxpayer complaining about paying taxes and where their money is being spent.

We have an honest commissioner, who is doing nothing but keeping his campaign promise to “make sure you know how your tax money is being spent.” He has been accused of being on a witch hunt and of wanting to stay in the spotlight, just to name a couple of charges.

We have officials wasting taxpayer money by using the equipment we paid for, by sending pornography to each other. We have two officials who, for obvious reasons, will not let us know what they have done. Yet, Stacy George is the villain here. I just don’t understand.

Next, John Glasscock is saying he is not part of the investigation — hello! If I read the paper and heard the news correctly, he was one of the officials who, along with Jack Underwood, sent porn to Mayor Don Kyle. Why was Glasscock not fired? Why only Underwood?

Now Bill Shinn is saying all this does not warrant an emergency commission meeting? What does?

I think the taxpayers need to take over this whole ordeal and demand Revenue Commissioner Amanda Scott’s and Sheriff Greg Bartlett’s cooperation. There will be another election one day. The commissioners also need to remember that.

As I see it now, if the taxpayers want honesty and trust in our leaders, then Stacy George will be the only current official still holding his job after the next election. Now his fellow commissioners are showing their true colors.

As for the investigation costing money and time: There would be no investigation if there had not been dishonest people to begin with, along with Bartlett and Scott, trying to hide whatever they have to hide.

Taxpayers, think about it.

Leslie Grant


Commissioner George should just do his job

To The Daily: Enough already. Talk about a tempest in a teapot. Doesn’t Stacy George have anything better to do? Did his district elect him “chief troublemaker”? He has tainted the entire commission with this foolishness, and surely deserves to be impeached.

None of this uproar is a security issue, though it does speak directly to the poor judgement of some of the commissioners. Let’s put a muzzle on Stacy George and get back to the reality of the commission’s job. And, hey, Merry Christmas.

Joanne Peterson


Bickering embarrassing for Morgan Countians

To The Daily: From banning baseball caps to bickering county officials, I, for one, am embarrassed to tell folks that I live in Morgan County. With all the problems our culture and community face, we seem to continue to want to dwell on the stupidest things. If the sheriff who was elected to uphold the law does not want to comply with an official investigation then he should be fired and replaced. That goes for Amanda Scott, also.

It doesn’t matter who you are. If you are in a position to represent and support this county in any capacity and you are paid by the taxpayers to do so and, if you fail to comply, you should be fired. Like a lot of other folks, I’m tired of hearing about these two. When will we come together as a community and look to the greater good of our community instead of personal agendas?

Steve Escue


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