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Wants more elected officials like George

To The Daily: In recent weeks I have followed the story involving the county government and would love to see a full investigation of all offices. I am a taxpayer and voter. I personally am proud that someone has the spunk to stand up to the good old boys and try to bring justice.

The only thing I see is, that if someone stands up for what is right, they usually end up being called the bad guy, at least by some. I feel we need more like Stacy George in our local government.

Trai Hill


County government damaged, needs fix

To The Daily: I found it rather amusing that an article on the continued childish antics of our county commissioners — and the “public servants” who are anything but — ran with an article on plans to promote our city to visitors. Am I the only one who sees how we as Morgan County citizens are asked to turn a blind eye to the embarrassment of our elected officials thumbing their noses at us as an electorate, then asked to support efforts to promote this same community?

The hard question to ask is: What is there to be proud of, to promote, to recommend to not just visitors, but to the incoming work force we have so carefully courted by sweeping our governmental “dirty laundry” away and pretending our town is an idyllic place to relocate? Not everyone living in Decatur, or Morgan County, is “from around here,” not everyone is so interwoven in the “good old boy” philosophy that future elections will be decided by who curries the favor of the local political machine and gets spin-doctored into office. Our county government assumes these new citizens will blindly accept that “that’s the way things are” and not try to change this farce by expressing opinions at public meetings, or at the ballot box. They would do well not to count on this illusion.

Our county government is a damaged product, and yet we ask that people gladly buy it — and our community — without critical thought. We should be more concerned with fixing the flaws than upgrading the packaging.

Sparlan Orr


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