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Finding corruption, looking ridiculous

To The Daily: The current investigation into the illicit e-mail sent by the former Human Resources head to Commission Chairman John Glasscock is a joke and an embarrassment to the government and citizens of Morgan County.

The HR person has been fired. End of story, in my opinion. The rest of this investigation has been a Morgan County taxpayer-financed witch hunt. Has Stacy George not heard of spamming, whereby you get a gazillion unsolicited e-mails? Some of them do contain pornography. All you have to do is delete them. Sites can be blocked (and have been) that employees should not have access to on their work computers.

I can tell you from personal experience that I get about 10 e-mails a day for everything from Viagra to penny stocks and requests to launder money from foreign countries. And I have the best spam-blocking and anti-spyware software available on my computer. How do I handle this bunch of junk? The same way I do junk U.S. mail — it goes in the trash bin.

I don’t believe this investigation should go any further or waste any more of our money. The Morgan County Commission should concentrate on things that matter — like attracting new business and residents to our area, along with giving them good reasons for relocating here vs. Huntsville or Madison. And the cost of this investigation should come out of the commissioners’ salaries.

If I lived out of state and had been reading The Decatur Daily online and following this story (or any of the other catfights amongst commissioners), it would be enough for me to not want to live in Morgan County. As a Realtor who lives in Hartselle and works in North Alabama, I can tell you that this investigation looks ridiculous in the eyes of our potential new residents and businesses.

Becky Argenti

Too much football on the front page

To The Daily: We, the citizens of Alabama, wonder why the rest of the United States looks down on us?

Four days (at least) of headline, front page hype regarding The University of Alabama’s attempt to find and finally ensnare a different head football coach is “overkill,” to say the least.

Football is sports news, not front page. Rejoicing in Tuscaloosa is to be expected, but not in everyday normal (?) Alabama. This displays the mentality the rest of the U.S. attributes to those poor, ignorant clods in Alabama. Football is the biggest thing in their lives and, outside of sex, is the only thing they think about.

Get a life.

James L. Nix

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